Poll: Your Top 3 Dream Travel Destinations?

 I am extremely interested in hearing from you (my readers) about where you would travel if you had unlimited money, resources, and time!

Please share your 3 destinations in a comment below:


  1. 1
    Marc Ellsworth says:

    1) Italy
    2) Whistler, Canada
    3) Rochester, MN 🙂

  2. 3

    #1 Angkor Wat (I have read your article on it, and it’s great). We have a toddler who travels with us, and we’re not sure how that would go…so for now this trip is on hold.

    #2 Copenhagen/Oslo/Malmo (all in the same area, so might as well hit them all, right?).

    #3 Bucharest, Romania

    I could sit here all day typing out a destination wish list…but those there are my top three.
    Tomorrow we’re leaving for a two-wk. trip, but it’s in the states. 🙂

    • 4

      Rosey, those are all great places! I think a toddler would do fine in Angkor Wat, as long as you have a car seat and buy plenty of bottled water!

  3. 5

    #1 Tonga
    #2 Machu Picchu trail
    #3 Angkor Wat

    But three really isn’t enough.

    • 6

      OK, I give you permission to share more than 3 🙂

      • 7

        So, then I would add
        The Taj Mahal and other parts of india
        Tanzania for a Safari
        Galapagos Islands
        The Holy Land
        . . . . . SO many places, so little time.

        I would be interested if anyone can suggest something interesting to see or fun to do in Mississippi. I only have three states left to visit: Alaska, Hawaii and Mississippi. I know why I want to visit the others, but am having trouble finding a reason to head to Mississippi. Can your readers help me out?

  4. 9

    Nuuk, Greenland
    Paris (not because I want to go, but my wife says I owe her Paris)

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