Which Dress Socks are Best?

This is perhaps one of the categories that I’ve had the most experience with. When I was in my early twenties I spent a couple years in Scotland volunteering for a humanitarian organization. During that time I walked several miles every day in dress shoes and dress socks. During this time I really had a chance to test dress socks, and I certainly discovered a gem. At the beginning of the two years I purchased 5 pairs of Smartwool socks; two pair were insulated hiking socks and three pair were dress socks.

Not only did I never experience the socks slipping down my legs, but after two years of walking, none of the socks had holes in them! The socks eventually wore all the way down, but never developed holes!

When I returned back from Scotland, I jumped back into college and started buying cheap socks again. Over the period of about 10 years I went through dozens of pairs of dress socks, hoping that something would work out. However, the socks either lost their elastic & wouldn’t stay up, or else they developed holes after a few weeks.

A couple months ago I finally thought “I sure do miss those Smartwool socks, but man they’re a tad pricey.” But then I did the math & realized that I would actually save money if I could find the socks again. I searched around online and after trying a couple different styles I finally found my beloved socks! I discovered that they are called the Smartwool Heathered Rib dress stockings. I ordered 3 pairs and my feet felt like they stepped into heaven!

The socks are made up of 72% Merio wool (keeps the feet warm and dry), 23% Nylon, and 5% Elastic (keeps the socks from slipping). I’ve worn these socks for a few months now (the second time) and they are still going strong! Oh, and they also look really smooth too.

Here’s a tip: make sure you always keep your toenails trimmed…these will last forever if you do!

Click below to find these amazing socks on Amazon:



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    Smart wool is terrific. I generally use my smart wool socks for skiing and other outdoor activities. My mother-in-law picks them up, and I am sure she either gets seconds or buys them at substantial discount because she gives them as gifts to the 10 children, eight spouses, and 40+ grandchildren. So, I know they can be had for cheaper. I’m just not sure from where.

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