Which Sippy Cup is Best?

Which Sippy Cup?

We have a very precocious two-year-old son. Alright, I guess precocious is an understatement; he’s freekin’ destructive! Every so-called “sippy cup” that we bought him leaked. If it didn’t leak before he got his hands (and teeth) on it, it definitely did afterward. So which sippy cup is best? I finally found the Gerber Fun Grips Spill-proof cup! As long as the filter is pushed tightly into the lid, this cup doesn’t leak, and my son can’t hurt it.

The cups come in a two-pack, but we bought 4, so there is always a clean cup on hand. I’ve slowly been throwing away the other brands of sippy cups (behind my wife’s back…shhh, don’t tell) so I don’ t have to deal with dripping milk and water. The new cups are BPA free, so you don’t have to worry about your kid getting sick from sucking & chewing on the plastic all day.

Click below to find these on Amazon:


Update to this post: I’ve had subscribers ask me if Gerber sells replacement filters for these amazing sippy cups. I’m happy to announce that they do! Click in the image below to find the inexpensive replacement filters on Amazon:



  1. 1
    Sarah Stultz says:

    Those have been our favorite cups as well! Good choice!

  2. 2
    Linnette Petersen says:

    These are our favorite cups too, but somehow we’ve managed to lose a few of the filter inserts. Does anyone know of a place to buy replacement filters?

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