Which Portable Hard Drive?

Which Portable Hard Drive?

Finding the perfect hard drive can be a rather difficult task. I have found some very acceptable hard drives that are worth telling you about!

For me there were two different types of hard drives that I was interested in buying:

1. A very portable and rugged drive

2. A drive with a huge storage capacity

This review will focus on my favorite portable drive. Click here for the review on huge storage capacity drives.

After hours of research I finally decided to buy the following:

1. LaCie Rugged 500 GB Hard Disk with FireWire port

Here it is on Amazon (and the 1 TB version):

[amazon1]   [amazon]


This tiny hard drive is both portable and rugged. It had very high ratings everywhere on the internet. One thing that I found interesting is that this drive is used by quite a few U.S. soldiers in the middle east.

My Pros:

(a) I love the 500 GB capacity (now comes in 1 TB!)

(b) I love how portable this drive is

(c) I love how tough it is against bumps & drops

(d) I love the optional FireWire port which allows for faster file transfer

(e) I love how you don’t have to use a power chord

My Cons:

(a) The LaCie software which comes with this drive doesn’t seem to allow me to do incremental backups but creates a new backup every time (very time consuming and data consuming). But this is easily resolved, as you can get better free software on Lacie’s website and also free backup software from CNET (like this one).

As always, if you know of something better, please let me know!

Here’s a link to my hard drive:

[amazon]     [amazon1]


  1. 1

    Lacie makes some pretty nice enclosures/hard drives and their customer support is pretty decent (had a power supply go bad on a 1TB 3.5″ external drive); I had the new power supply in under a week after requesting support on their website. They also cater to the Mac world as well, which is apparent in their design cues.

    This looks like a pretty nice drive, hopefully they have improved on their backup software that is included. And I agree, I much prefer 2.5″ mobile hard drives since they typically don’t require separate power supplies! Soon, I would look for USB 3.0 capabe external drives for improved transfer speeds, assuming your computer hardware supports it.


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