Which Pillow is Best?

 The Best Pillow?

I’ve been wanting to share this Maven tip for quite awhile, so here we go. I’ve had a lot of people ask me, “which type of pillow is most comfortable?” “Which type of pillow gets the best pillow reviews?”


It just so  happens that over the years I have tried a lot of different types of pillows for bed:

Down Pillows?

Down pillows stay nice and cool, but they loose shape after a few minutes and cause painful kinks in the neck. Over time the down feathers also work their way through the shell and can irritate your head in the night.

Foam pillows?

Foam pillows (like you get for $5 at Wal-mart…pictured below) initially keep their shape over night, but don’t stay cool (which is important for me) and the cheapo foam pillows totally flatten after a couple months.This is definitely not a good neck pillow. I’ve slept on countless foam pillows in hotels, so I now bring my favorite pillow (mentioned below) with me to the hotels!


Memory Foam pillows?

Memory Foam pillows are supposed to be really comfortable, but will cost an arm and a leg. I actually don’t find them quite as comfortable as the less-expensive option that follows.

Latex Pillows? The Winner!

The winner, and in my opinion, the best pillow for the money is a Latex pillow. My wife and I bought 4 latex pillows (2 king size and 2 normal size) 8 years ago, and the pillows have not lost their shape, they keep a nice cool temperature, and they are much more affordable than memory foam pillows. Just make sure that you get high thread-count pillow cases and you’ll have the nicest night sleep ever!

I risk severe embarrassment by what I’m about to tell you, but ever since I discovered latex pillows 8 years ago I take my own pillows with me when I travel, when I ride in the car for a long time, and even on camping trips with my family and my scout troop! There…I said it!

Here are some very highly-rated, yet affordable, pillows on Amazon (excellent source for pillow reviews):

Simmons Beautyrest Standard size:


Simmons Beautyrest Queen size:


Simmons Beautyrest King size:



  1. 1

    Latex sensitivity has become a relatively significant issue. I know many hospitals are latex free, including not allowing latex balloons. I’m not sure what leads people to develop latex allergies, but it is something people should consider, especially with something they will spend eight hours a day with.

    To me, comfortable bedding is almost always worth the price. Given the number of hours spent in bed, the cost difference between exceptional bedding and cheap bedding is really, really small on a per hour basis.

    • 2

      Yup, people will quickly find out if they have a latex sensitivity. And yes, the extra cost for comfortable bedding is well worth it. One good night’s sleep is worth a lot…many night’s sleeps are priceless.

  2. 3

    Thanks for the comparison! Nice pillows aren’t cheap, so it’s helpful to have as much information as possible before investing in a certain type. I’m really impressed by how long your pillows have lasted!

  3. 4

    your pillow last 8 years
    wow that’s great

    and is it good for side sleepers too ?

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