Which Kitchen Knife Sharpener?

This little gadget instantly improved my cooking skills. Don’t believe me? It’s true! Before I got the Chef’s Choice® Model 130 Professional Sharpening Station® I found cooking to be laborious & less than fun. Why? Because I thought that I stunk at cutting (one of the most important parts of cooking) because I couldn’t for the life of me cut food like those professional chef’s on TV. I bought professional knives & worked to improve my cutting techniques, but still couldn’t imitate the pros.

But the day I opened the box of my knife sharpener, everything changed. I’ll never forget it. I finished sharpening my Wüsthof chef’s knife, and tested the newly honed blade on a tomato, something that I previously hated cutting. To my surprise, the blade fell right through the tomato! The blade was so sharp that I didn’t even have to apply any pressure. I don’t use serrated knives to cut my tomatoes anymore because a professionally sharpened chef’s knife is 10 times better! Within a few minutes I was cutting vegetables like the professional chefs on TV!

I got this sharpener after watching a great review on America’s Test Kitchen. This knife sells for around $160. This may sound expensive, but knife sharpening companies charge around $3-$10 to sharpen each of your knives. If you sharpen a typical set of 5 knives once a month, this machine would pay for itself in 3-10 months. If you’re still not convinced, then go get one of your knives professionally sharpened & see how it totally changes the way you cook. It will speed up your cutting & make you feel like a professional…you know what I’m talking about…chop, chop, chop, chop. I was so excited that I grabbed a dozen of my pocket knives & other knives around the house & had them sharper than ever within a few short minutes! I think I cut through a whole ream of computer paper to test the sharpness of my knives!

Watch this brief America’s Test Kitchen video to see this sharpener, and tips on keeping your blades sharp:



The great thing about this little machine is that you can sharpen your knives quickly (station 1), and then just use the station 3 after each use to keep your knives from going dull. Check out all the features by clicking on the Amazon link below:


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    I gotta get me one of those! Hey nice Wustof! 🙂 what’s the second station for? And you have 10 pocket knives? Should I alert the authorities? 🙂

    • 2
      JoshLovesIt says:

      Hi Nadia,

      The 1st station is for the initial sharpening of the blade, the 3rd station is for “steeling” the blade, and the 2nd station is just for adjusting the sharpener…you don’t run the knife through it. Thanks for your question!


      • 3

        That’s not quite accurate. The second station is the steel. It is non powered and can be used without turning on the machine. This will steel or correct rolled or waved edges and will impart microscopic teeth on the edge that can be beneficial in many applications. The third station is a powered stropping pad that will polish the edge. This reduces the bite of the teeth and is more beneficial for precision cutting. As you stated the 1st station takes the most off the edge and should only be used if you need to reprofile your edge. You know its time to use stage 1 again once you can no longer get a satisfactory edge after steeling or stropping. Nice pictures and write up.

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