15 Amazing Scottish Destinations (Part 3/3)

Part 3/3:

11. Oban


Oban is a great place to clear your mind. Sit on the harbor and quietly watch the boats come and go. The main street of Oban offers some fun shopping and great eating.


12. Monty Python’s Doune Castle


Have you ever watched the obnoxious cult classic movie, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail?” If so, then you’ll recognize this castle, Doune Castle, from the movie. King Arthur stormed this supposed French castle, only to be repelled by flying cows and chickens.

Aside from its silver screen fame, this is another fun castle to explore. Most of this beautiful castle is in ruins, but winding stairs will take you to a great overlook…and if you’ve got a spare cow, give her a toss and see how far she’ll fly…For obvious reasons I don’t recommend tossing bulls.

Ornate details, such as the great hall and this window seat, really draw me to Doune Castle.


13. Stirling Castle


Stirling castle, one of the largest & most important castles in Scotland, is very popular with tourists, but is a must-see destination.The castle sits on top of a large hill, and provides sweeping views of the Stirling valley below.

14. Wallace Monument

Just down the road from Stirling castle you’ll see the Wallace Monument, a gigantic 220 foot Gothic-style tower, jetting up from the summit of Abbey Craig. The tower commemorates the 13th century Scottish hero William Wallace.

If you want a little chuckle, stop by the monument’s statue of William Wallace, which was inspired by the 1995 film Braveheart, staring Mel Gibson.


15. Glasgow


Finish off your Scottish journey in Glasgow, Scotland’s vibrant capital. The downtown shopping district is alive with shoppers, and you’ll find some amazing restaurants. Be sure to visit the Glasgow Cathedral (also called the High Kirk of Glasgow). There is so much to see and experience in Glasgow, which most tourists fail to take advantage of. The “Glaswegians” (people from Glasgow) are some of the most down-to-earth and humorous people on earth, so sit down next to them for a “wee blather” (a little chat).

During the summer months, you’ll find some great highland games in the surrounding villages of Glasgow. Also try to visit some of the rural farms in the area. The “Heeland Coos” (Highland Cows) are my favorite farmyard animals in Scotland.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my travel guide on Scotland. You can read part 1/3 and part 2/3.


Scotland Travel Tips:


 First, click on these CD photos to find some amazing music I found in Scotland:

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Here are a few travel tips to help you more fully enjoy your trip to Scotland:

  • Try to make friends with some local Scots…maybe they’ll invite you in for “Juice (soda) and Biscuits (cookies).” The Scottish people are the #1 attraction in Scotland, so make sure you spend time getting to know them.
  • Definitely try Haggis, Neaps, & Tatties (meat, turnips, & potatoes)…but from a good pub in a small town. Forget any scary stories you’ve heard about Haggis; it really tastes amazing!
  • Whenever possible, try to stay at a B&B (rather than a hotel) so you can experience the local hospitality
  • Try to spend 2-4 weeks traveling around Scotland. Trust me, you’ll wish you budgeted more time in Scotland!
  • Read some good travel guides to see other appealing Scottish destinations. Here are a few of my favorite:

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  • Watch my favorite Scotland travel DVDs:

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