Globe Trekker Travel DVDs

When I first started traveling the world, I picked up a Lonely Planet travel guidebook from a local book store. The book was very handy, but even more so was the television show by the same name. A number of years ago Pilot Guides  changed the name of their television series from Lonely Planet to Globe Trekker. Even though the name changed the shows remained in the “awesome” category as far as I was concerned.

Whether you’re planning a conservative trip to Paris or an adventurous journey to Cambodia these DVDs are a must. My wife and I now give each other these DVDs for Christmas and birthdays.

Click below to see some of my favorite Globe Trekker DVDs that I own:

[amazon1]     [amazon2]     [amazon3]

[amazon4]     [amazon5]     [amazon6]


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    We love a good travel guide. We’ve had decent ones and not-so-decent ones, so I appreciate the value, when I come across one that is really helpful. I’m jotting this info. down to tell hubby over dinner.

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