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I’d love your advice on what digital point and shoot cameras you would recommend. Please leave a comment.



*** Update: April 2011: I finally found an amazing point & shoot camera, at a very reasonable price! Click the Amazon links below to see the Canon Powershot model I love (I’ve bought both the brown and silver):

[amazon1]     [amazon2]


Keep checking back, because I’ll be doing a review on this camera in the near future.


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    Sabra Palmer says:

    Martha Stewart just did a show interviewing Johnny Pigozzi a famous photographer. He was talking about his favorite point and shoot cameras.

    He likes the Canon Powershot S95 as a small second camera. Very portable and takes good pictures.

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      I am a Canon junkie and have been buying and using Canon’s for over 10 years! On the high end of things I carry a Canon 5D Mark II with multiple lenses and can’t say enough amazing things about this camera. Take with a grain of salt that my career in photography allows me to turn a profit and overcome the nausea associated with the price tag on this big boy. The quality and versatility of this camera makes it worth every penny, but there are so many wonderful smaller cameras for those of you NOT trying to have a career and instead only want some memorable shots.

      When it comes to the “little guys”… I will absolutely promote the Canon Powershot S95 and say that as the first “point and shoot” digital that I have purchased in over 6 years, this camera nailed it from the first shot on. The sensor is enormous on this camera and the detail, colors and pixels produced by this ‘fit-in-your-pocket’ camera is unparalleled. Also, this camera has so many different lens functions, the fun never ends! You can set it to fisheye, miniature and more. I finally feel good about leaving my afore mentioned, far pricier, camera at home and taking the S95 out instead and feel confident that the quality won’t leave me regretting my camera choice. For around $400 you could purchase this camera and an enormous memory card and voila… you are off on a photo taking adventure like never before.

      Who wins between Canon and Nikon? Depends on who you ask. Ha. Usually depends on how that person got started in the field. Chalk it up to personal preference and personal requirements. Check out both, talk to everyone and then decide for yourself. They are both great and reputable companies.

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    Jake White says:

    One that I’ve been intrigued with and am looking into getting is the Nikon S8100

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      JoshLovesIt says:

      Thanks for your comment Jake. Will you share the reasons for your fascination with the Nikon S8100? Is it highly rated? Compact? Rugged?

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    We have the SX210IS Canon point and shoot. There are some really good things and some things that other cameras might do better. I mainly got this because my wife wanted a point and shoot that could take nice pictures and I wanted a video camera, and thought this would be a way to get both of our wants. It does take nice pictures, it has the zoom that is incredible. That was pretty important and is the reason we went with this over the s95. And it does take pretty good video as well. It also has manual mode so we can make all the adjustments manually and don’t have to depend on the camera getting it right everytime. It usually does get it right, but in some lighting situations it is better to go manual.

    My main complaint is that it doesn’t do great in low light. Video or picture wise. We bought it for around $300. I have seen it on sale now for $200. I would say for $200 it is worth it, but I would have a hard time dishing out $300 again for it. I want to know how people like their Lumix point and shoots. We almost got one of those, but stayed with Canon because we have always done canon. We might regret it, because I hear they are pretty good.

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    I’d say most people that are going for point and shoot camera’s are looking for a camera second to their SLR to throw in a bag or have it available at most times, or want it for every day uses and simply want an affordable and easy to use camera.

    Over the years, it seems the Fujifilm FInepix series generally gets very good user and “expert” reviews on various websites.

    I also think this would be a neat camera to review as a low budget camera or for kids, etc.: GE 1455

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    I own a canon 40D, which I use for my main shoorting, but I love my Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS (8 Mega Pixels). It is about the size of a pack of cards, and I can take it anywhere. It takes nice still shots and solid video. I have used it on the ski slopes to film my children (and take still shots). I have used it on roller coasters (don’t tell Bush Gardens, they don’t really like it when you do that). I have used it in all sorts of situations and it produces excellent stills and is absolutely no hassle to carry.

    Finally, I also own the Canon PowerShot D10, which is an underwater camera (12.1 Mega Pixels). It is bulkier than the SD1100, but is solidly built and can shoot to depths of 10 Meters. I have used it with success to take pictures of sea turtles feeding in Mexico, swarms of fish feeding in the Cayman Islands, and white water rafting pictures on the new river. It takes video as well. We have enjoyed having it as another option. I did have problems with one unit which quit working, but Canon replaced it under warranty.

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    Rob Tonkinson says:

    Our Powershot SD1100 was recently stolen, so we are in the market for a new high-quality pocket camera. We are considering the Canon s95, but it is a bit bulking, particularly with the lens ring sticking out the front. Maybe Meg could comment about whether she finds this to be a problem and if she is still happy with her choice. Also, the most important thing to me in a digital is the lag between pushing the shutter button and the shutter actually firing. I have had some cameras where there was almost no lag at all and some where it was a second or more. It doesn’t sound like much, but it is intolerable if you are shooting anything other than still lifes and portraits.

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      Rob Tonkinson says:

      We bought the Canon s95 and have used it extensively since March 2011. It is a great camera. The pictures are very sharp, shutter lag is very small, and the lens ring really doesn’t cause a problem. I can recommend it as a great choice for those who want point and shoot, but also to have a full manual mode where you can control both the aperture and the shutter speed.

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