Phil&Teds Sport Stroller

When you have your first child, everything changes. You’re scared to death, right? Then when you’re getting ready to have a second child, you think everything’s going to be a breeze; you’re a pro! Right? Wrong. Everything is different. The child is different, your schedule is different, and some of the child gear is different. That’s what my wife discovered when we realized that we would need a stroller for two children, instead of just one.

One of our good friends raved about her Phil&Teds stroller, so we did our own research. It turned out that this New Zealand-made stroller had very high reviews everywhere we looked.”The Phil & Teds Sport buggy boasts a 4-position main seat which adjusts from totally flat newborn to upright toddler. It also features a unique patented double system, allowing you to upgrade to a double buggy at any time.”

We were very excited to see that the stroller can be used in 7 different positions (see below graphic):

You can buy the stroller with or without the optional Double Buggy Kit (which transforms the stroller into a two-child marvel). I could try to explain all the amazing features and possibilities of this stroller, but I found a great video from the folks at OOMPA that shows it all:


As you can see, setup, take down, and changing position are super easy. The stroller is unlike anything than most people have seen. Every single time that we go out, someone stops us and asks about this stroller. And when they see our newborn tucked behind (see below) they jump in surprise and then say “ohhhhh, cute. I didn’t even see him down there! Where did you get that stroller?”

Our infant just snoozes away, as his “bed” rocks him back and forth. Our 2-year-old also loves the stroller because he sits up higher than before.

Now we wish we had purchased this as our first and only stroller, since it works for one child or two children. It would have saved us several hundred dollars. Well, at least I can help you avoid our mistake. So go try out this stroller!

The new version of the Sport is called the Explorer. I’ve tried out the Explorer and it has a couple nifty upgrades, so if you can’t find the Sport, then I also recommend that you buy the Explorer. Click below to see the Sport, the Sport Doubles Kit, and the new Explorer with Doubles Kit:

[amazon]                  [amazon1]                 [amazon2]


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    So excited I found this atrlice as it made things much quicker!

  2. 2

    I have been walking with Laura and have seen this awesome stroller in action! I love it!! I hope to have one for when we expand our family. I love that it can go off road easily and has so many options for the kiddos. Any giveaways planned for this sweet stroller?? Haha!

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