Inspiring Thoughts – The Tree That Wouldn’t Die

While hiking last week in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains I came across a peculiar tree, which instantly caught my attention. I often look for life’s lessons during my quiet reflective moments, and this lesson instantly hit me hard.

This special tree had snapped in a storm, and the top half had fallen over. The tree trunk was only barely hanging on. Instead of giving up and dying (as would be expected), this remarkable young tree decided to survive. It decided to shoot a new branch back up into the air. Not only did this tree survive, but in time, when it’s branches reach the the lofty canopy, it will be the most interesting and beautiful tree in the forest.

In a way, I felt connected with this tree, because of the many failures and setbacks I’ve faced in my life. This little tree taught me that I should never give up on reaching my lofty dreams, but keep getting back up. And in time, my life will be much more interesting and beautiful because of the failures and setbacks.

So I encourage you to look at your trials and painful experiences as refining and beautifying moments, and never give up!


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    I enjoyed your thought provoking comments.

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    You have an absolutely lovely spirit. Who else in the world would have seen that tree with the same beautiful take. God is good to us isn’t he. What a gift!

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