Inspiring Thoughts – James Taylor & The Beatles

I recently attended a James Taylor concert, and was very inspired. Before his first song, he told the story of how he got his big break back in 1968. He had sat in a room with Paul Mccartney and George Harrison (band members of the Beatles), and played a moving song for them. After he played the song, both Paul and George decided to give him a record deal with Apple Records.

Reverently, James told the crowd how there are certain life-changing moments in your life; some bad, some good. He said that when Paul & George had made the announcement, it felt like he had stepped through a door, and into his real life.

This special moment really reaffirmed to me that if we never give up believing in our dreams, then there will be a day when everything just changes; we will just step through a door and into the life of our dreams. Thanks James.

Let’s never give up on our dreams!


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    nadia drake says:

    that’s cool. thanks for sharing!

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