5 Reasons Why I Love America

As my readers know, I have traveled the world extensively. Although I love so many international destinations, my favorite country on earth is the United States of America! Why? Here’s 5 reasons, along with some of my favorite quotes about the U.S.A.


1. America Inspired Worldwide Democracy

Did you know that the United States of America is the oldest democracy in the world? Many Europeans talk about how the U.S.A. is such a young country, but on the contrary, we have the oldest continual republic and constitution in the world. After our forefathers established our great nation, democracy began to spread around the world like wildfire, starting with France and continuing to this day. It’s amazing how many of the world’s governments have modeled their republics after the U.S.A.

I am writing this article from Charlottesville, Virginia (home of Monticello), the very town where Thomas Jefferson prepared his mind to write the Declaration of Independence. On this special day I would like to endorse the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Where liberty dwells, there is my country.”

2. America is the Land of Opportunity

One of the greatest characteristics of the U.S.A. has always been its liberty and opportunity to thrive. Countless people have left their homelands to escape tyranny, poverty, and starvation. I’m so impressed by how well these entrepreneurial-minded people thrive once they land on the fertile American soil.

Just yesterday on Charlottesville’s main street I met a lady who escaped communism in Hungary and worked her way to the U.S.A. She has a fantastic little toy store, and her eyes beam as she talks about the opportunity she’s found in the U.S.A.

Two minutes later I met a Tibetan man who was selling Buddhist jewelry and art in his booth. His family, and entire nation, was thrown under the wheels of communism while in Tibet, when China invaded their country in the 1950’s. He loves America.

Five minutes later I met a Chinese lady named Lobsang Jigme who recently opened an antique Chinese furniture company called Oyster House. She left Bejing, China to find liberty here in America. Now she has multiple store locations and warehouses in Virginia. All of these wonderful people are proof that America is still the land of opportunity.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “America is another name for opportunity.”


3. Government of the People

As a republic, the United States has always been run by the people, not by dictators or kings. This liberty and synergy have allowed the American People to prosper under the least-oppressive government on earth.

Thomas Jefferson said: “I have no fear that the result of our experiment will be that men may be trusted to govern themselves without a master.”


4. Expansive Beauty

As much as I love Europe, Asia, and the tropics, none of them are as expansive as the United States of America. Whenever my international friends visit the U.S.A. for the first time, they always remark that America is so much larger than they imagined.

From Zions National Park to Yosemite to the Smoky Mountains, America is filled with some of the most beautiful and expansive destinations in the world. I am amazed at how well America has preserved its open space, and treasured its natural wonders…we’re not perfect at it, but we try.


5. Most Diverse People in the World

America has never been made up of a single similar demographic of people, but has become a melting pot of beautiful cultures from around the world. When someone says that they dislike Americans, they really mean that they dislike all the people in the world, because we are a wonderful mixture of all the beautiful people from around the world!

On this special Independence Day, please remember some of our most amazing citizens: the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. Thank you!

Take a minute or two and forget all the bad things about America. Shut off the negative news for a day, and ponder on how grateful you are for the United States of America.

Why do you love America? Tell me in a comment below.

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    Good comments. There is no question that we here in the United States are blessed. Our forefathers came to this country seeking freedom. What they created and what they left us was an incredible blueprint for a free people to pursue their dreams without undue intrusion by government. Our forefathers also left us some words of caution. Benjamin Franklin was asked, as he walked out of the constitutional convention by a woman waiting outside, “Well, what do we have”? Franklin replied, “A Republic, if we can keep it”. Jefferson said that our Democracy would end when people learned that they could vote themselves free benefits by simply voting for those politicians who promised them. This generation, in general, has not acquainted itself with the history of our country. Some school systems in the country are not teaching before the late 1880’s saying that there is not enough time in the school day or some such reasoning. Our forefathers learned the lessons concerning the requirements for a free people to prosper and they passed them on to us. Learn the history of your country, pay attention to the politicians, be knowledgeable about the issues of the day as derived from knowledge of our history and reliance on our own thought processes.
    Today we are watching our freedoms slip away little by little. We have moved from the times when people were self-reliant and assumed responsibility for their own personal advancement and care. More and more we expect government to solve our problems and to even provide a certain standard of living for us whether we earn it or not. Jefferson’s comment on this was along these lines. He said that we will essentially be on the road to destruction when the government begins to take the fruits of efforts from the people who do work and give it to the people who will not work. Ironically this sounds like Socialism, or worse, and that is exactly what our forefathers were seeking to escape when they came to this country.
    We still have the best country in the world but it appears that we are not doing all that is necessary to keep it the best. It has been said that the best aspects of our system of government, as opposed to other forms of government around the world, is that this country can take wide swings to the right and to the left without breaking. Many other governments around the world are so rigid that small swings in the pendulum will cause them to break and self destruct. This is, again, a sign that we are blessed because of the inherent flexibility but the pendulum will only swing so far without breaking even in our country. Forty five million plus people on food stamps? A government which incentivizes families to have more children by paying more welfare for each addition? Government subsidized housing and especially without any requirement by those being subsidized to maintain certain standards of maintenance of their free housing? Nor is there any requirement that those being subsidized to perhaps perform certain public service work to compensate for their free housing. Should we ask why taxpayers should be helping people who do not do what they can to help themselves first? There are a certain number of people who definitely cannot help themselves and deserve a helping hand. That number is far below the number of people today who look to the government to provide them food, housing and other benefits from the pockets of the taxpayers. Statistics indicate that close to 50% of the people in this country do not pay any income tax.
    Lets hope enough of us can work to swing the pendulum back and restore our historical values. Most of us just want to be left alone to raise our families and work but we have a responsibility to pay attention to government, to educate ourselves and then vote as our conscience dictates.

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    Ambreen Bukhari says:

    you know why i love america well i love it because it has awesome technology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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      Right you are Ambreen! And thanks for your comment! (P.S. Sorry for the late reply to your comment..for some reason, these comments haven’t been emailed to me lately).

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    Eang Chetra says:


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    this country can take wide swings to the right and to the left without breaking.

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