Hotels for Cheap? “How to Beat Priceline” Strategy!

Great Hotels for Cheap?

Priceline How To

I love hotels…especially nice hotels. But I don’t like spending a lot of money to stay at a nice hotel. If you haven’t discovered how to stay at hotels for cheap rates, then I’m here to help! buys surplus rooms from hotels, and then sells them in a bidding process. The bidder (you) doesn’t know which specific hotel they’ll get, but they can choose a general area and star level. You don’t bid against other bidders, but against Priceline’s system.

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Do you always get a smokin’ deal just by using Priceline? No. But I’ve figured out a strategy that almost always gives me an amazing deal at Priceline.

Free Rebids?

You don’t always get superb deals just by using Priceline. You have to use a strategy that involves “free rebids.” Free rebids are hard to explain, but my above video should simplify the process for you.

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One word of caution: don’t go below 2.5 stars with Priceline. Even though they list some safe hotel chains as examples of their 2 star rating, I got a foul hotel room, and had to work hard to get my money back (after I checked in). To be safe, I usually don’t go below Priceline’s 3 star rating.

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