Indoor Herb Garden

I’m excited to share one of my cool ideas with you! I love cooking and I love the taste of fresh herbs, but herbs don’t grow very well in my yard. So I decided to do some research on creating an indoor herb garden.Within a few days I was up and running! Here’s how I did it:

Growing box:

You can certainly use any shelf or even a piece of lumber from Home Depot. But I wanted something that would look stylish in my home. So I went shopping around at antique stores and plant nurseries. I was so lucky to find this antique bread dough riser, that was used in a bakery long ago. I found similar, yet smaller, risers online for $130-$225, but I was lucky to find mine for $25! Just look around and maybe you’ll get lucky like me. I found some cool iron bird-shaped shelf brackets at a store called Rod Works in Utah. They mount easily to the wall with drywall E-Z Ancor Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors.

Light Source:

After a lot of research I discovered that florescent lights are actually just as good as the lights that are marketed for indoor gardens. I got a free fluorescent shop light from my in-laws and suspended them from the ceiling. If you’re not a shmoozer like me, you can find a good light for under $20 at Home Depot. Click here for an example. I used lightweight chains so I can move the light source up and down when the plants grow and are trimmed. Plug the light into a simple $5 outlet timer (similar to this one) and you’ll be up and running. I like to set the light timer to stay on over night, for around 12 hours. During the day the window light can add additional light. If you have a south-facing window, you probably won’t need your light to stay on as long as mine.

The Herbs

You can choose what you like, but my favorite herbs have been Rosemary, Thyme, Sweet Basil, African Blue Basil (grows great), sage, peppermint, and chives. I grew some from seed, but had greater success with plants from a nursery. Be sure to get locally-grown plants so your herbs will grow better when you transplant them to your outdoor garden during the summer.


Oh these cursed creatures. Yes, they even get your plants indoors. I especially hate the little white flies, stink bugs, and lady bugs. I still haven’t found a safe remedy (tried the expensive organic sprays), so I still just remove these bugs with a tissue. Please, please, please recommend a safe pesticides!


Each herb requires different watering schedules. Be certain to research carefully, as this is one of the fastest way to kill your plant (usually over-watering).

I have really loved turning into an indoor gardener, and I hope this article has given you the confidence to do the same! These plants will really change your bland food into gourmet meals! Please leave comments to ask questions and share your advice.


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    JoshLovesIt says:

    Cool pictures!

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    I love having herbs readily available in the kitchen where they are convenient to reach when you are cooking. I’m blessed with a large southern facing windows & door and have found that I can transplant 3-4 herbs from my herb garden into a large clay pot with good drainage and use them all winter long. There are some fresh herbs like Rosemary that just can’t be duplicated in their dried versions.

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