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I’ve gone through a couple vacuums and have been pretty disappointed. If you’ve found a great home vacuum, please leave a comment below!




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    Robin Lamb says:

    Josh, my old vacuum died a sad death last spring, and with 3 large dogs, there was no time to waste in finding a replacement. After a lot of research on the internet and several family and friends recommendations I settled on the Dyson DC17 Animal. I know that the newer “ball version” is supposed to be the latest and greatest, but it received more mixed reviews on suction power. Now, 6 months later, I still LOVE my Dyson. It has totally lived up to it’s name, and I’ve not had any real problems with picking up dog hair. Check out some of the demo videos and reviews online, I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressed!

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      JoshLovesIt says:

      Robin, thanks for your suggestion on the Dyson DC17 Animal vacuum. I will put this on my list of items to review!

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    Sabra Palmer says:

    I am still looking for a good vacuum for a good price that won’t bankrupt me. Fourteen years later I still have yet to find one good enough for my liking. Let me know when you find a perfect one to recommend!!

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      JoshLovesIt says:

      Yes, the hi-tech appearance of vacuums has risen over the years, while the quality has taken a dive. I’m on a quest to find the best vacuum for the best value.

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    I love my central vacuum. Expensive but love how the dirt goes out of the house. Love how it only needs emptied after a long time. Love how you can use it for all kinds of things, dusting, love the new retractable hoses, love the length of my new hose. Love that it isn’t too heavy. Love how it is easy. Love the dust gone, I’m sensitive to dust.

    My friend has a vacummn that goes red and green showing when the area is clean. Not sure the brand but we used it too clean the home of someone moving and wow! it really worked. I went over an area that was dirty many times but when it turned green the area looked much different than the surrounding carpet.

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    Alex Lubeck says:

    Love my Dyson too! It was a yellow one before the ball came out. Couldn’t tell you what model it is. But I liked it. Totally worth the cost.

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    Electrolux. It’s a one time buy that will last longer than you. I’m using my moms 25 year old hand-me-down, and I still love it. No, they are not cheap, but it’s the best, and the best costs money.

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    We bought a Dyson DC25 (the yellow one with the ball) and I love it! As a pseudo-engineer, I am very impressed with how well designed this vacuum is. The ball works well and the handle is designed in such a way that its easy to cover a lot of ground (even multiple turns). Compared to other vacuums, it may be considered a bit pricey (around $500) but Dyson has gained a reputation for quality and good design. I figure that a good vacuum will last for a long time. I looked at the smaller ball version but read that some people who bought it thought that it might lose some suction in turns. The DC25 received excellent reviews and so we bought it. Again, I marvel at how well it is designed…every part of it was clearly planned and well thought out. Considering its powerful suction, it actually isn’t very heavy. In the realm of vacuums (and other neat gadgets) I am a Dyson fan all the way! Check out their bladeless fans!

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      JoshLovesIt says:

      Alright, we’ve had several people suggest Dyson vacuums. Do they use bags or a cartridge?

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        Robin Lamb says:

        No bags… Just a canister that is super easy to empty (the bottom flops down with the push of a button). My husband will even empty this one!

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    Josh, fun site! I love the Simplicity brand Vac. I LOVE that it has bags! I think they are so much cleaner to empty and change than the can style. They are mid range price but the reviews are better than Dyson. We have been extremely pleased with ours. We have never had a problem in the 3 years we have owned it. It has HEPA filters and HEPA bags- it is extremely clean. I can’t say enough about it. My parents Dyson has needed to be repaired 3 times in the 3 years we have owned our Simplicity. Oh, and Simplicity has a lovely warranty and it’s perfect! 😉

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      JoshLovesIt says:

      Hi Kim, thanks for your suggestion about the “Simplicity” vacuum! Where would you recommend that people find this vacuum?

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        I purchased mine at A1 Sewing and Vac in Orem, UT. We purchased ours for about 320$- it was the 6 series with metal beater (roller) bar. I don’t think they carry the 6 series anymore but I was just down at the store last week picking up some more bags and tested the new 7 series and love it just as much. They are made in America if that is important to you. Purchasing them may be a little tricky. Look on and see if there is a dealer near you. If not, let me know and I will run down to A1 and ship one to you guys 😉 They are THAT good. #1 on consumer reports.

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    I’m going to follow this discussion. Unless our in-laws hand us down their Electrolux (which I see happening, never) we’re in the same boat. I’ve never found one completely up to par that was affordable.

    I also wonder about the vacuums that run on their own…I’m hoping someone comments on one of those.

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    Hey Josh, you’ll never believe this. But I bought the Bissell EasyVac 22Q3-K for $49 + TAX. And it’s incredible, it so powerful and comes with a modulator. It’s got a practical size. It’s cheap. And I called Bissell and they give you special guarantee. I highly recommend this vacuum.
    But above that vacuum, I used before the Koblenz WD353K2G. It’s the BEST! The price is perfect and the quality SUPREME. And the best of all… it’s a wet/dry vacuum, which means that you can use it to collect liquids too. I did it when my brother accidentally flooded the house. Believe me, it was a mess. But KOBLENZ the BEST for domestic and RUDE purposes. GOOD, CHEAP & NEAT.

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    We love our Dyson animal ball vacuum!! It has worked fantastically over the last 2 years. We have 2 dogs and a cat and it is just awesome. I also have allergies and it helps tremendously. We also love that there are no bags. Best part? We got ours for a 1/3 of the price when Dyson was having a refurbished vacuums sale. Yep, a 1/3 of the price! Yeah, it was refurbished but you can’t tell the difference. The trick is getting it refurbished through Dyson.

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