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I really need your help to find a new family tent! Please comment at the bottom of this post & share your opinion. When I was 15 years old I bought a North Face Mountain 24 expedition tent. It is still going strong, but my family is growing & we’d like to find a quality 3-season tent with a 6 person capacity. Right now I’m leaning toward some The North Face tents, Marmot tents, Sierra Designs tents, and  Mountain Hardware tents.

Thanks for your advice!



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    My vote is for a Marmot! Taped seams are always nice to have and you don’t want to find any wet spots when you wake up the next morning. Ventilation would probably be a good idea if you’ve got your whole family in there too or else it might get a bit toasty. I would recommend this one that the link takes you too. Marmot makes some good stuff, and is a little bit cheaper compared to North Face gear. It’s good to have great gear, but you don’t need expedition gear for car or family camping. In my experience, stay away from Alps Mountaineering gear. It falls apart after just a little use.

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    Dana Averill says:

    A good rule of thumb for tents. Take whatever number of people it says it can sleep and divide by half. That is the number that it can comfortably fit with people and gear.

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      JoshLovesIt says:

      I would have to agree. One time I shoved 6 guys into my 2-man tent during a terrible mountain thunderstorm. I can’t quite figure out your math on this one.

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    Shane Farr says:

    I have always been a fan of Cabelas’ tents because they are usually high quality and a little cheaper. Plus, Cabela’s will back up their product with their excellent customer service. I have seen (not owned) a Cabela’s Westwind Deluxe tent and it looked very nice. It also has really good reviews and is on sale right now. The link is big or I would include it here.

    Good luck finding a good tent.

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      Thanks for the Cabela’s tip. I used to live a few blocks away from a Cabela’s, so you made me miss it! I’ll definately check out the Cabela’s Westwind Deluxe tent. What area do you camp in the most?

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        Shane Farr says:

        I usually camp in the high Uintah’s in Utah. Strawberry Reservoir is one of my favorite places to camp.

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          Even though I live in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, I’ve spent a lot of time in the Uintah’s! How did you find my blog Shane?

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            Shane Farr says:

            My cousin Jessica Willmore won the funny photo contest on your facebook page. And I am just like you in being a maven. I have never heard that term before but it describes me exactly. Just ask my wife. 🙂

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            Very cool Shane. You’ll definitely have to read “The Tipping Point.” I hope you’re subscribed to my blog, and I’d love your input on some future reviews!

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    I asked this same question to one of my friends who is an avid camper, backpacker/climber. He recommended Big Agnes Big House 6. He says it’s won awards from magazines and is very high quality. He recommends getting the footprint and vestibule for extra comfort. He also recommends the Black Diamond brand. Not sure if they have a 6 person tent or not… He also recommended an online website where you can periodically get gear at discounted prices brand new. The name of the website escapes me, but if you like, I can get a hold of him and find out the web address.

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