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I’m really excited about big TVs, and it’s something that I’d like to test soon. Right now I’m leaning toward the Samsung 63″ 8000 Series 3D 1080p Plasma HDTV. What do you think? Please leave your comments. I’m pretty much sold on a Plasma, since the technology is further along and less expensive than LCD televisions. If you want to send me a free plasma TV to try out, I won’t complain!

Thanks for your advice!



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    Alot of people overlook plasma TV sets because of unfounded rumors that have been spread; which is that they fade severly over time, don’t have comparable picture quality, or are in some way inferior.

    In fact, what is considered to be one of the best sets with regard to picture quality is a plasma, the Pioneer Elite Kurio series, which isnt’ made any longer. Plasma sets generally have better constrast ratios (very true blacks) and operate at 240Hz by default. Plus, they tend to be cheaper than comparable LCD sets!

    There are only a few points aware of that aren’t necessary downers. They are much heavier than their LCD counterparts and also require more energy to run, as well as run a bit hotter. They CAN have image burn occur if a static image is displayed on the screen for very long periods of time (aka, just don’t leave your DVD/Blueray player home screen on the TV for hours).

    Samsungs are great, and I believe Panasonic are also very nice at the moment.


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    I decided on Plasma for similar reasons. The picture really is just as clear if not better. The only problem I ever have is the glare it can get if you don’t have good blinds/shades (but really, that’s true with any TV).

    We also have a Samsung (720p) and love it. Katie is converted. 😉

    I’ll be honest, I don’t ever plan on converting my movies to BluRay or 3D (at least, any time in the next 10 years or so — and I hope for money reasons our TV lasts at least that long), because I feel movies look good enough now and I’m not fully convinced on 3D (although, it is cool). 1080p only matters if you’re going to go with BluRay or full HD channels (very few offered now).

    Good luck!

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