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Please help me find the best GPS! I bought a Tom Tom, and have been very disappointed, so your advice would be greatly appreciated.




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    Lance Ball says:

    My wife and I borrowed my Mother-in-Laws Garmin Nuvi, When we went to Hawaii. This was my first time using one and to be honest. I was very impressed with it. I would even contemplate buying one. You should try this one it was good.

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      JoshLovesIt says:

      Thanks for your comment Lance! I will definitely look into the Garmin Nuvi. What are some features that you liked about that particular GPS? Did you ever have any problem with the GPS taking a long time to connect to the satellites? Any other issues to report?

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    Alex Lubeck says:

    Hey Josh,

    We just got a garmin nuvi on black friday. Love it. No problems with it taking a long time to connect to satellites. Specifically chose the garmin because some friends didn’t like their tom-tom.

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    We have owned a Garmin Nuvi for 2.5 to three years. It is easy to use. It gives audible turn-by-turn directions, which is incredibly helpful if you are in a strange place. It is easy to update the maps (although not cheap) over the internet. The only problem I have had is that in some large cities (and inexplicably coming down Provo Canyon the other day) like Chicago and New York, where the buildings are tall, it loses satellite reception or has trouble gaining it (especially if walking). I think this would be a problem for any unit because it simply can’t “see” the satellites with the buildings in the way. Occasionally, if I have entered a location and then turned it off, it can take a while (1.5 minutes maybe) to boot back up again. But, the problems are minor and the advantages significant.

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    When you think GPS think Garmin for outdoors, in the car, and in aviation Garmin is top of the line equipment. I would not use anything else.

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      JoshLovesIt says:

      Hi Gary! Thanks for your comment. Why would you not use anything else? Which models would you recommend for use in the car? I’d like one that pronounces the street names and also that has free map updates.

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    Marc Ellsworth says:

    Like everyone has said…the Garmin Nuvi is great. I like to think of it as the TI-81 (remember those) of GPS’s. They are super user friendly and never let me down. My doesn’t pronounce street names though (maybe the newer versions do). I haven’t had any technical problems (losing reception, need to reboot, etc.) as mentioned above.

    On another note, I am glad that we could introduce you to the Maven concept!! 🙂

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