Ga Ga over Ga Ga Sherbet!



Wow, have I got a new find for you! Last month our friends, the Wheelers, brought over two cartons of Ga Ga Sherbet (Lemon Sherbet and Raspberry Sherbet). At first I thought, “Sherbet? Who still eats sherbet?” But then I tasted it, and nearly fell over.

The Ga Ga elves must have some amazing sherbet recipe tucked in their little pointy hats, because this stuff doesn’t taste anything like the bland sherbet of my childhood. You know what I’m talking about…the stuff they dropped in a bowl of punch at wedding receptions? This new smooth, cold, ice cream-like dessert is now one of my top 3 store bought frozen desserts! See one of my other favorites here.

Here’s the cool part. Our kids like this sherbet better than full fat ice cream, so you can feel better about letting them chow down. I just saw that Ga Ga just came out with Coconut flavor Sherbet and Key Lime Sherbet…Whew!

You can see all the Ga Ga flavors and also find a store near you that sells this Ga Ga Sherbet by visiting their website here.

What is Sherbet?

Sherbet is an American term for a fruit-based frozen dessert (like sorbet), which contains a small amount of milk.


Sherbet vs. Sorbet vs. Gelato vs. Icecream

So let me clear up the frozen dessert confusion:

1. Sorbet (or Sorbetto or Sherbert) is a fruit-based frozen dessert, and usually fat-free (but plenty of sugar)

2. Sherbet is similar to Sorbet, but has some milk (a little more fat…hence, the better, creamier taste)

3. Ice cream is the higher fat frozen dessert, but the higher fat content causes less flavor than gelato

4. Gelato (my favorite) is an Italian frozen dessert, similar to ice cream, which contains a lower fat content than ice cream, but has stronger flavors.


Sherbet Recipes / Sorbet Recipes

Do you have a good recipe for Sherbet or a recipe for Sorbet? I’d like to feature some on, so please share them in a comment below!

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