Renée’s Famous Soft French Bread Recipe

The number 1 food that people request from my mother Renée, is her soft french bread.

Now most of her 10 children receive the exact same request from their families and friends! You are now fortunate enough to be receiving Renée’s famous recipe. Click on the icon below for a printable recipe:




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French Bread Ingredients:


  • 2 ½ Cups of warm water
  • 1 Tbsp. of rapid rising yeast
  • ½ Cup of sugar
  • 2 tsp. of salt
  • 5-6 Cups of all purpose flour



French Bread Directions:

First use a wooden spoon to mix the warm water, yeast, and sugar together in a large mixing bowl, until nearly dissolved. Then mix in the salt, and then 5 of the 6 cups of flour. If the dough is still sticky, add the remaining cup of flour. If it is still too sticky, add another ½ cup of flour. See my above video to see the proper consistency.

Knead the dough on a floured counter top, until it forms a fairly smooth ball.

Lightly flour your large mixing bowl, and then carefully drop the dough back into the bowl.  Cover the bowl with a cloth or plastic wrap

Let the dough ball rise in the bowl until it doubles in size (1-2 hours, depending on your room’s temperature & humidity). By the way, this Polder timer was recommended by America’s Test Kitchen, so I ordered it and love ! You can find it clicking this picture:


Doesn’t that look nice and fluffy?

Divide the risen dough in half. I really like to use a chef’s knife, which has been sprayed with non-stick spray:

Spray a baking sheet with non-stick spray, or optionally use parchment paper. Roll out each ball into a large rectangle (the length of your baking sheet). Then starting at a long edge, roll each rectangle, until your dough is shaped like a jelly roll:

Place both loaves on the baking sheet, with spacing on each side. Be sure to place the loaves seam side down, and tuck the end under itself.

Cover the loaves and let them rise for 1-2 hours, until they become as large as you prefer.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and bake for about 20 minutes, until it just starts to turn golden.

Depending on where you live & what oven you have, the bread can be a little doughy at 20 minutes, so if it is, just put it back in the oven for another 2 minutes.

Immediately rub the top of the hot bread with butter, to give it a shine & a yummy taste.

***Amazing Tip: This bread is unbelievably good toasted, with salted butter melted over the top!

Please comment below with questions, suggestions, or even to say hi!

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  1. 1

    I made this yesterday. It was very good warm. It is even better today toasted. It also makes very good sandwiches. Those who complained about the soft crust clearly were not looking for a soft French. This is a great soft French loaf.

    • 2

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully it’ll become a family favorite, like in our home!

      • 3

        I”ve already made 4 loaves and can’t get enough…so good…thanks for sharing!!!!

        • 4

          Mellody, thanks for your comment, and I’m happy that the bread turned out so great for you!

          • 5

            Can I hv the measures in g/ml plz? I’m new to cooking and a bit difficult for me to follow the ingredient in cups…thx much an I love ur website and channel

          • 6

            Hi Emily, you can find all sorts of online measurement conversions. But when I’ve got time I’ll try to give the metric measurements too. Thanks for watching!

          • 7

            531.48 ml warm water

            15 ml rapid rising yeast

            118 ml sugar

            10 ml salt

            11.25 – 1462 ml all purpose flour
            (or flour by weight 625-812.5 gm)

      • 8

        Your recipe is really very good, since I’ve been searching for good soft French bread recipes for a long time until I’ve tried yours today. It is very simple and turns out very good. Thank you so much!
        Just one small question, you mentioned the bake time is 20 minutes, however, I spent nearly about 35 minutes to turn it into a little golden, and I dont know why there would be such a great difference. Whatever, it tastes so good! Both me and my husband love it!

        • 9

          Sierra, I’m glad you enjoyed the bread! Everyone’s oven is different. Perhaps your temperature is off? You can purchase a thermometer that can sit inside your oven to test the temperature. But if if turned out fine, then just adjust the recipe for your oven!

    • 10

      I wanted to know how many slices per loaf you get, roughly?

  2. 12

    Thanks so much for making a easy and clear to understand video the bread came out so good we took a pic and i posted it on my facebook page thanks again:)

    • 13

      Fantastic Denise! I’m glad that you enjoyed it. How did you find

      • 14

        Hi Josh

        I went to you tube first and punched in french bread how to make and i watched one other video just before yours his video looked easy too but when he sliced and took a bite when the bread was done it sounded way too crunchy probably the 35 min cook time he asked for what i did use from his video was i used a ceramic bowl i washed it with hot water first then dried it out so the bowl was warm before adding the ingredients and on the 1st rise i used a emty plastic grocery bag tied a knot so it was tight around the bowl. if you want to see the picture go to facebook under Denise Bodge you’ll see i was so proud breadbefore never ever worked out so bad we had went out and bought a fancy bread machine even that is not as good as your recipe!

  3. 17

    Wow – awesome easy recipe made 2x now and today a double batch with my grandaughter 9yrs old she said so easy and took one home for mom and dad thx Josh for sharing. God Bless you

  4. 19

    I just started making homemade bread because I found this recipe via your video and it looked so easy and tasty. Now, maybe it’s because I’m a newbie at bread making, but I printed your instructions and unfortunately it wasn’t detailed enough for me to remember from your video that I was supposed to knead the dough before letting it rise the first time. Then I didnt remember to let it rise again after I had shaped it on the sheet;. Not remembering the first part wasn’t a big deal because not too much time passed before I realized I was supposed to knead it before letting it rise, but it may have made a slight difference when I had put the bread in the oven before letting it rise again. It was in the oven 5 minutes before I realized my mistake. I took it out and tried to see if it would rise. It looked like it rose a little. Then I baked it 20 minutes as instructed. The other problem I encountered was I had a packet of the yeast, not a container of it. So when I measured it out, it was a little less than a tablespoon. I dont know if missing that little bit makes a difference or not. I tried to adjust the rest of the recipe. In any case, regardless of the mistakes, the bread still came out pretty good. I would say a bit denser than it looked when you made it because I didn’t let it rise properly. I will have to try this again following your exact instructions.

    • 20

      Thanks for enjoying my bread! I’ll clarify the recipe when I get some time. Thanks for the feedback, and please have your friends subscribe here at!

  5. 21

    Was wondering if you wanted to make the french bread with wheat flour what would the recipe changes be?
    I am trying to not use white flour as often and would love to try making this recipe later in the week.
    Can’t wait to try it out!
    Liked watching your video on YOUTube.
    You make making bread look real easy.
    Evelyn A.

    • 22

      Hi Evelyn,

      I completely understand your desire to make this recipe a bit healthier. It doesn’t work well with all whole wheat, but try substituting half of the white flour with whole wheat flour. Please let me know what you think! But at the end of the day, I eat whole wheat bread 6 days per week and eat this 1 day per week. I’m still way ahead in terms of health!


      • 23

        One more thing. My brother-in-law Vince makes this almost every weekend, so this is what he says to tell you:

        “Use up to fifty percent whole wheat flour, and let it raise longer. More than half whole wheat makes it too heavy. You can also add rolled oats or rolled wheat instead of some of the flour. Just don’t let the dough get too stiff or heavy.”

        Does this help?


      • 24

        I did his one and it definitely took longer to bake. was still very good, denser but good

  6. 26

    It is definitely one the world’s BEST french bread I’ve ever tried. I saw the video and for what it looked like I decided to try it, you can guess the texture for how it looks. So, I immediately went to the kitchen and cooked this heavenly delicious bread for dinner. My wife and I adored it. We will cook this bread from now on. It is true, believe me, we are NOT buying brands anymore. We will cook Josh’s french bread. If you don’t let the dough to rise too much and put it inside a Pullman Loaf Pan, you can cook it in shape of delicious English bread and make sandwiches. I’ve got many ideas for this recipe. I really thank Josh for sharing this, I’ve been looking for a recipe like this for centuries. Cheers!

  7. 27

    This recipe is excellent and good not only for french bread but for hamburger buns and hotdog buns as well… i have a recipe i use for crusty french baguettes and for torpedo loaves like for french dip sandwiches but for all other bread needs this has turned out far superior and adaptive… oregano and sun-dried tomato and even olive work well with this bread as well as some of the hard cheese like Parmesan. Thanks again Josh for sharing.

    Joy from NC
    Baker of all breads

  8. 28

    Josh very good, I just made some and they turned out so good and soft..this was my second time making french bread and I nailed it thanks to your family recipe!

    • 29

      Marisol, thank you so much for trying out my bread, and I’m so glad it worked out for you. We made it for some friends tonight, and it was a hit. Please send your friends to subscribe on my blog!!

  9. 30


    I made both your soft french bread and your cinnamon rolls today. I really enjoyed both. I plan on using some of the leftover bread for making sandwiches tomorrow. I will definitely make both again. By the way, I made the dough for both in my bread machines. I made the French bread dough in my zojirushi which has two paddles, and it did a great job. My zo has a fast dough cycle which takes about 36 minutes. I let it sit and rest for about 30 minutes in the bread machine after the cycle completed, and then rolled it out as you described. I then let it rise in a slightly warm oven for about an hour before baking it. I did cut back on the water slightly as I frequently have to do for most recipes and still had to add a bit more flour.

    I have made some pretty good cinnamon rolls before, but I think that the cream cheese icing is an improvement over the confectioner sugar icing that I have been using.

    I was searching for bread blogs and bread recipes when I ran across your site.


  10. 33

    Looking for primarily a good sandwich bread like for cold cuts, cheeses, etc. Does this bread fill that need?
    Is this bread good only the day it is baked or will it keep a couple of days at a good quality level?
    Thank you

    • 34

      Hi Gary,

      Yes, this is amazing for sandwiches, especially if you want to turn one loaf into a large submarine sandwich for multiple people. This bread is good for multiple days. We actually freeze what we don’t eat the first day, and at still tastes great later. Try slicing the bread before you freeze it, and then toast however many slices you prefer. It is the best toasting bread, especially with butter! Let me know what you think!

  11. 35


    I think that I am addicted to this bread now. I have made it three times in 3 weeks. Of course, we having been eating the bread when I first make it and then sandwiches the next day or two. I even used some for making bread crumbs for Parmesan chicken. I just chopped it pretty fine in a food processor and then toasted the bread crumbs. Thanks for sharing a great recipe.

    I am still making the dough in my bread machine, so 2 cups of water and @ 5 1/2 cups of flour is what is working best for me.


  12. 37

    Excellent video Josh. I’m headed to the kitchen after hitting the send button… All the while listening I kept saying I wish I had free time- I’d remove you floor noise from the video so you’d not have the ever-present background hiss.
    Down load “Audacity” (free program) follow 3 steps and you could remove it yourself. Just isolate the noise floor and then let the program do it for you after you define what the noise is. Many YouTube videos can show you the simple 3 steps. You’ll be elated. Then you’ll have just your voice. It will be easier to listen to. But hey, right now, we’re talking bread. And in this realm- you are king!
    Thanks for your video.

    • 38

      Hey Tom,

      Thanks for the advice! I’ve got Audacity, so I’ll have to figure that out. Let me know how the bread turns out!

      • 39

        #33. On your website French bread where the guy Tom told you about audacity, he was telling you you needed Audacity to clear the background noises in you video . Not that you had audacity. Wee any way I will had a little and can’t wait to try your bread as well as your cinnamon rolls.

  13. 40

    I absolutely LOVE this bread! I made some and shared it with my next door neighbor and for her next party she had me make 8 loaves… 8! Everyone adored it and begged for the recipe… soooo I steered them all to your web site. It has never failed me and I have probably made it 30 times in the last 4 months. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • 41

      Excellent Val! Thanks for your comment. And thanks for sharing my blog with others…that’s very appreciated. If you could please get others to subscribe on my homepage, and “like” my facebook box, that would also be awesome!

  14. 42

    I made this recipe yesterday and it tastes delicious! My mother and father in law, husband and even my picky brother in law loved it! since i love spicy foods i added jalapenos to some of the bread before baking and it still tasted delicious. i will definitely be keeping this recipe. thank you!

    • 43

      Excellent! I have also tried jalapenos, but added mozzarella cheese too! Just spread the peppers and cheese out on the rolled out rectangle, and then roll it up. It is sooo good!

  15. 44

    I made this a few days ago and already the family is asking me to make more! Thanks for posting it!

  16. 46
    Pamlea Logan says:

    Hi Josh,

    Do you have any ideas of how to adjust this recipe for convection ovens? I haven’t made it yet, I just came across you while looking for bread recipes on Youtube.

    • 47

      Whoa, great question Pamela! I don’t have a convection oven, but I suspect the baking time would be reduced. I’d pull it out around 15 minutes & cut it open to see if there is any doughiness. Will you please let me know what you find? I’d like to include that in my video and article. Thanks!

  17. 48

    Hi Josh, My husband is French and we live in France, so I am excited about trying this recipe.
    When I make it, we’ll see how it stands up beside the bread we buy at the bakery in Paris! 🙂
    Before I start, I would like to know if it is possible to let the dough rise for more than 2 hours and finish it later. For example, can I let it rise overnight and finish it in the morning? I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t always have exactly 2 hours to go away and come back. And I would ask the same question for the 2 hours on the baking sheet, can it be longer?
    Also, I wanted to ask about freezing the dough. Ideally, this is a recipe for fresh bread, but can the dough be frozen and pulled out on a rainy day? If so, at what point would you advise freezing it?
    Lastly, I would like to know if it this recipe can be done with whole wheat flour. I’m just curious.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • 49

      Hi Amber,

      Thanks for your questions! Wow, I love Paris! And yes, bread in Paris is amazing. Yikes, I’m not sure how this bread will sand up next to genuine French Bread…it’s more of an American take on French bread, but it sure is popular. I’ll try to answer your questions:

      1. “…can I let it rise overnight and finish it in the morning?”

      I have never let bread dough rise overnight, but I have done it with Pizza dough. With pizza dough, I stop the rising process by placing it in the fridge. The rising can then resume once out of the fridge. Just experiment, and be sure to let me know what you discover, as I’d love to update my article.

      2. “…can the dough be frozen and pulled out on a rainy day?”

      Another great question. Although this bread freezes incredibly well after it’s baked, I haven’t tried freezing the dough. I do know that you can freeze dough (you need to change the yeast quantity and type), but for this particular bread recipe I haven’t tried it (but you got me curious, so I will now). Below I’m sharing a link for a good tutorial on freezing dough. Please let me know how it turns out!

      P.S. I’ve got a great pizza recipe coming, so be sure to subscribe!

      • 50

        Hey Josh, Thanks for your reply. My mother and brothers in the U.S. are now making your bread also! I still haven’t tried it, but they will tell me how it comes out. We were wondering when you freeze it after baking it, how do you do it? Plastic wrap and foil? Looking forward to your reply. Best, Amber

        • 51

          Hi Amber, you can either put the whole loaf in plastic wrap or a large storage container, or cut it in slices then put it in a freezer bag. That way you can toast 1 piece at a time! Make sure you put some soft real butter on the toast!

    • 52
      Cil Martel says:

      Hi,I have been making this bread for awhile now, I love it, but I wanted to share that I make several batches up at a time. some (French)-(loaves)-(rolls)-(twisted)-(pizza)- (biscuits)and (I add nuts, raisins, brown sugar , butter pats, cinnamon and roll up-rise-bake & drizzle with powdered sugar icing when it come out of oven)–(use strawberry jam, add vanilla or your choice jam & flavoring and roll up for a jelly roll-Rise-when it comes out of oven sprinkle with white sugar)–(spread with peanut butter, add chocolate chips, roll up, rise, bake and drizzle with caramelized sugar icing)–(tea biscuits)….use your imagination and make anything you would like. I like to set aside a day for baking…I will also freeze some and some I baked till just done and not browned all the way, and I will freeze to brown later as needed (Brown & Serve) Homemade….:-) The sky is the limit, go for it 🙂 I can not give amounts because I add what I feel I need of a given ingredient to suite my family. ENJOY !!

      • 53
        Cil Martel says:


  18. 54

    Hi, this recipe contains too much sugar for a french bread. French breads are not so sweet, just their desserts are:)

    • 55

      Thanks for your comment! Certainly this is not a traditional French bread…just a spin off, but it certainly is tasty, and very popular with a lot of people. (P.S. Sorry for the late reply to your comment..for some reason, these comments haven’t been emailed to me lately).

  19. 56

    Hi Josh, I am from India and I’ve always (badly) wanted to be able to bake my own bread. I have traveled a bit (both US and Europe) and after tasting the breads there, have never liked the bread I pick from the stores here in India – they just don’t taste the way they do in Europe. The last few days, I have been browsing and watching videos in youtube to find a very simple yet good recipe to bake – I’ve never baked bread before! Last night, I saw your video and today, I decided I would try it out. My biggest worry was, I have a microwave oven that can be used as convection too, and it has maximum temperature setting upto 250 C only – I still went ahead and tried!

    UNBELIEVABLE is the word. I never thought it would come out exactly the way I saw in your video. I am still wearing a big smile (4 hours after) out of excitement as I type this. This bread is right among the top ones I’ve tasted.

    While I kept one loaf the way you made, the second one, while rolling, I sprinkled bits of garlic, rosemary and oregano and I just loved both the loaves!!

    Thank you (& your mom) so much for sharing this recipe.

    • 57

      Justin, thanks for trying out my bread recipe! I’m so happy that it worked so well for you also. (P.S. Sorry about my detailed response..for some reason, my comments aren’t being delivered to my email inbox).

  20. 58

    my daughter is a bread lover so I came across this site and recipe, on youtube, will make today, and sure enough it will be gone today! thanks for the recipe!

    • 59

      Ness, thanks for your comment..did the bread turn out as well as you hoped? (P.S. Sorry about my detailed response..for some reason, my comments aren’t being delivered to my email inbox).

  21. 60

    I have been looking for a soft french bread recipe and I stumbled across this one after searching forever. It is rising nicely at the moment I can’t wait to see how it turns out 😀

    • 61

      Kat, thanks for your comment. How did the bread turn out? (P.S. Sorry about my extremely detailed response..for some reason, my comments aren’t being delivered to my email inbox).

  22. 62

    Hi Josh
    i made the bread today and had a problem with it rising, it formed a hard skin on top and took a really long time to rise. Don’t know what i did wrong or what you could suggest??

    • 63

      Kerryn, thanks for your question. Sorry about my extremely detailed response..for some reason, my comments aren’t being delivered to my email inbox. As for your rising problem, it could be a result of several things. Did you use the yeast that I recommended? Did you cover the dough? Did you place the dough in a warm area?

  23. 64

    Thank you for sharing. Terrific recipe and thanks to the others for their contributions as well!

  24. 66

    This is great! Just wondering, what is the difference between your mom’s recipe and a regular crusty french bread recipe? Thanks!

    • 67

      Hi Abe, thanks for your question…sorry for the delayed response. My mother’s recipe is not a traditional french bread recipe, but a modified version. It’s more light, soft, and fluffy, whereas traditional french bread has a hard crust and a soft center.

  25. 68

    Hi Josh, just viewed your video on the French bread and it looks amazing. I’ll definitely make it sometime this weekend. However, I do have a question for you…I have Active yeast, not the quick acting , how much do I use of the Active? I made bread yesterday for Thanksgiving for the 1st time using an Artisan recipe I found on Youtube and it came out great. But I would love to make your’s too. Thank you for your recipe and answer to my question.

    • 69

      Hi Debra, sorry for the delay in answering your question..I’m having some problems with the commenting service. Active yeast will just take longer, but you can probably use the same amount…just watch the size of the bread.

  26. 70

    Hi Josh
    I am very anxious to try out your recipe for the french bread.
    It looks amazingly “do able!”
    Question: Can I substitute the white flour with brown?

    • 71

      Hi Sukaina, sorry for the delay. Yes, you can use whole wheat flour, but only up to half. All whole wheat tastes too “grainy”. Does that help?

  27. 72

    I am going to try and make this tomorrow….wish me luck! You did a great job on the video!!!

  28. 74

    First time to view your wonderful French bread recipe. Going to try it this weekend. I have a question about “yeast” I have a jar of “active dry yeast’ how does rapid rise differ from active dry? Thank you!

    • 75

      Hi Geri, great question. Active dry yeast is normal yeast, and rapid yeast speeds up the fermentation process, and makes your wait time shorter. Does that answer your question?

      • 76

        Hi Josh, Have you reset your clock for spring? Must rise and shine Sunday and get the bread in the oven on time. 🙂 Thanks so much for your reply. Now I’m ready to bake.

    • 77

      Since I have regular yeast on board-all I do is proof it first in a 2 cup pyrex measuring cup. . Put the yeast-water and sugar in/stir till dissolved, till it gets nice and bubbly-then continue on with the recipe as normal. It came out perfecto!

  29. 79

    You should knead the dough more. Let it rise longer. Cook it hotter. Also pay attention to the humidity of the dough, which usually requires you make measurements by weight. 60%-80%. Higher water content would result in a better texture for french bread. However, your kneading technique will have to change at the higher humidities.

  30. 81

    This bread was good. The family loved it. I put vegan butter on top when it was done. I also turned some of it into garlic bread. I will definitely make this again.

    • 82

      I’m glad you liked it Amber! I’ll have to try the vegan butter…which brand is best? And thanks for your comment! (P.S. Sorry for the late reply to your comment..for some reason, these comments haven’t been emailed to me lately).

  31. 83

    Man ! I tried this for my very first attempt at any bread making and it came out fabulous! Just delicious. I love cooking New Orleans food and I wanted to learn how to make my own French Bread to serve on the side. This recipe Killed It !! Gonna serve it to my friends Super Bowl Sunday with some Shrimp Jambalaya ……Thanks Josh !

    • 84

      You’re welcome…I’m glad you liked it! (P.S. Sorry for the late reply to your comment..for some reason, these comments haven’t been emailed to me lately).

      • 85

        Hi Josh. My favorite is Earth Balance-Organic Buttery Spread (Whipped). I have also tried the original and that is fine too. I use the tub, but Earth Balance also has Vegan Buttery Sticks, which I am sure would make it a litte easier to butter the loaves. Thank you for sharing this recipe. Can’t wait to make it again. Next time I want to mix whole wheat pastry flour and unbleached white flour. I am not sure how that will change the amount of flour I have to use though.

  32. 87

    Josh, can I use raw sugar instead of regular sugar? Also does it make a difference if I use Sea salt or Kosher Salt? I can’t wait to make this it looks wonderful.

  33. 90

    I loved this bread recipe! I am excited to make your other ones! Thank you so much for sharing this, I am not a good cook at all. But I can make the best bread now! Thank you again.

  34. 92

    Hi Josh,

    I tried your recipe today. It was delicious! Very soft and every body at my house loved it.

    I adjusted the recipe a little bit. I live in Indonesia and this is rainy season…., so I knew 2.5 cups of water was too much. I’ve tried a pizza crust recipe last month with the water measurement as written in the recipe…..I learned my lesson 😀
    I used only 2 cups and it was enough for the full 6 cups of flour.

    I did used only 1/3 cups of sugar, because I didn’t want it to sweet for dinner rolls. But I guess for breakfast or afternoon tea, the full 1/2 cup would be perfect.

    Thank you for the recipe.

  35. 94

    Hi there Josh,

    Well this was fantastic bread, My bread machine died over the weekend (overworked) and so I searched the web and found this recipe, I made it in my Kenwood (it will do all the work)

    I made 2 yesterday and took 1 loaf over to our son and his family as we were going there for Dinner, we made half the loaf into garlic parsley and cheese bread to eat with out Dinner yum it was very delish, our Grandson is lactos intollerant so this bread was perfect for him to eat with his special butter and cheese, thank you so much I am making another as I am writing this.

  36. 98

    Thank you Rene! I was looking for this for years… God bless you.

  37. 100

    Hi there,
    Ran out of bread (we get it for free usually) and thought I’d try making some myself this time and happened across your vid on youtube. You made it look so simple I tried it pretty much right away. Came out brilliantly, kids were thrilled, I couldn’t stop eating it. Will be making more. Maybe rolled up with cheese and bacon and maybe some with cinnamon and sultanas. Very grateful to you for sharing and to your mum for teaching you.
    God bless from Australia,

    • 101

      Hi AMF from Australia! Thanks for the compliment, and I’m so happy that you enjoyed the bread! I really enjoy putting mozzarella cheese and jalapeno peppers inside before I roll the dough up. We’ve also successfully tried cheese, pizza sauce, and pepperoni.

  38. 102

    Just one word for this bread…YUMMM
    This was a easy recipe to follow, and taste so good.

  39. 104

    When you make this dish you must have Patience & Time I had just got off work at 5:15 and arrived at home 6:00pm I really wanted to try the recipe so despite the hour I did it. I used my kitchen aid and did not use as much water according to your recipe. I must say I got inpatient and after the 2nd rise I only waited 45 minutes I ended up baking for about 25 minutes. The aroma throughout my home was like, I was living in a BAKERY… the texture, taste of the bread was delicious. Next time I make this FRIDAY (will use my breadman this time) I will be able to let my bread rise according to your post. Oh and by the way my husband said it was the BEST bread I had ever made. WOW! Thanks to you and MOM

  40. 106
    Edward says:

    Hi Josh

    In your Youtube video you say to add 1 and 1/2 cup of sugar, but here in the recipe you say add 1/2 cup. So which is correct 1 1/2 cup or only 1/2 cup?

  41. 108

    Hi Josh,

    Can’t wait to try out your recipe. I have some leftover bread flour. I wonder can I use that to replace all purpose flour?

    Flyn from Singapore

  42. 110

    I’ve made this before and it was amazing. Simple, delicious and worth
    every minute it takes lol. I am making it now again for tonight’s dinner.
    I must say, I can’t wait to wake up the next morning and have some
    of it toasted, drip butter all over it. Love the bread…. thanks again!

    ps, I reduced recipe to make one loaf. (almost out of flour) :0 lol

  43. 112

    Thank you Josh for this AMAZING recipee. We already made this twice. Once exactly like yours and the second time I replaced 2,5 cups all purpose flour with multigrain flour. I put in it an extra teaspoon of yeast. It was also very delicious. Thank you one more time Josh. Your recipee became the “recipee of our house”.

  44. 116

    Just made this bread for a dinner party and it was an absolute hit! Thanks for posting it, Josh!

  45. 118

    Ok, I have tried making bread many, many times and never overly successfully. I tried this recipe and followed your instructions, using my KitchenAid mixer for the mixing and kneading. I mixed it and then kneaded for two mins, let rest for seven, knead for two, rest for seven, knead for two. Let it rest for a few mins. Then I let it rise. WOW. I put it in the oven with a pan of warm water for two hrs, like you said, and it was HUGE when it came out. Then on the second rise it was the biggest loaves of bread I’ve ever made. Then came the test; my very picky husband. He LOVED it and so did my kids. It was soft, chewy and delicious. Even the dog loved it. He heard the words “more bread” and came running out for his share. Ty so much for this recipe and the pictures and video were VERY helpful.

    • 119

      Hi Suzen, sorry for my delayed response, but thanks for your comment. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the bread recipe! Feel free to share some of your favorite recipes with me!

  46. 120

    Josh! I made your french bread! It turned out wonderful!!!
    The only thing I would do different is pass on rubbing it
    with butter. It made the crust too soggy . Otherwise, it
    was awesome and tasted light and flavorful!

  47. 122

    Jerri loves it too A little too sweet for me, but that’s easy to fix. Great wuth dinner, great for toast, and really great sandwich bread. Thanks, Josh! (BTW, I used half AP flour and half bread flour, worked like a charm,)

  48. 124

    Thanks for the recipe for French bread is awesome thanks again.

  49. 126

    You make it look so easy! I am not a cook. I have copied your recipe for French bread and the way you make it seem easy makes me want to give it a try. I have no electric mixer tho.
    Here’s hoping!
    Thank you

  50. 128

    Bread is my guilty pleasure. My father makes amazing bread but I moved out and have been trying different recipes for a long time. It is a simple and straight forward recipe, and it turned out deliciously. (I admit to not letting it rise long enough because I was so excited for it, though).

  51. 130

    I just made this wonderful bread…Yummy. I used the dough setting on my bread maker then rolled it out and let it rise the 2nd time on the cookie sheet. I didn’t think I cooked it enough because it really didn’t brown but when I cut a slice, it was perfect! I have found the perfect French bread recipe!!!! I am wondering how it would cook and taste if I put it in a bread pan after rolling it out… any thoughts??? I think I will try it next time with one of the loaves. Thanks for posting an easy wonderful recipe. I love it.

  52. 132

    Josh, I’m a newbie at making bread also. I cannot wait to try this recipe! Looks yummy. Can this recipe be used for dinner rolls or do you have a dinner roll recipe? I did not see one in your bread recipe list.
    Happy baking, Melinda.

    • 133

      Hi Linda, sorry for the slow response. I’ve never tried this recipe as dinner rolls, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work! Will you please try it and let me know how it turns out? I could update the article to let others know.

      • 134

        I finally tried this recipe for dinner rolls. It turned out great! It makes a ton, lol. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I make it once or twice a week, so easy and delish!

        • 135

          Wow Melinda, that’s great! Any advice on how you did the rolls?

          • 136

            Hey Josh, I didn’t do anything specific. I just divided the dough in half. I made 2 small loaves with half and about 24 balls with the other half. I let them rise, then baked them. It only took about 8-10 minutes to bake the rolls. So yummy! 🙂

  53. 137

    This is the best bread that I have ever had !! My family can’t stop raving about it!! I can’t thank you enough, Josh!!

  54. 139
    Hiomara l says:

    Can I use bread flour?

  55. 141
    malthida1234 says:

    i like this so i want to try today

  56. 143

    Going to try this out. My husband and I used to live in New Orleans and buy the most amazing soft French bread at the stores there. You can’t get anything like it in the rest of the country. You can order the wonderful Reising loaf online but with shipping factored in its almost $20 per loaf! Hoping this recipe will fill the void! We’ll let ya know!

  57. 145
    Daniel Flores says:

    I have made this twice. I have added a small twist though. When I roll the dough out I spread 1/2 tablespoon olive oil and then sprinkle with Dean Jacobs’ Rosemary and Garlic bread dipping seasoning. My Kids love it.

  58. 147

    I just found your recipe this morning and was able to bake the bread before my kids came home from school. They love eating the hot French bread with homemade hot chocolate for their snack! I had to use a stand mixer because my arms have no strength to mix and knead the dough by hand. I was afraid it wasn’t going to turn out well, but it did! I’m so happy!

    Thank you for this easy recipe!


  59. 149

    I just made this for the 2nd time. Wow! The best! This is a keeper for sure! Your mom must be a fantastic cook! and you were lucky to learn from her. thanks so much for sharing a wonderful recipe!

  60. 150

    Thanks for the great recipe, i loved it!

  61. 151


  62. 152


  63. 153

    Excuse me?

  64. 154

    I have made this three times in the past four days. It keeps disappearing to the neighbors houses. Truly great. I brush on egg white prior to baking, it tends to crisp the crust just a bit a gives it a more golden brown look. Great simple way to make wonderful bread.

  65. 156
    Christie says:

    Josh, I need your help!!!! I am trying to get the ingredients list from your Rene’s French Bread, but there is an overlay over the ingredients. I am also unable, because of a messed up Prental Block Mode, from clicking on the “Print Recipe” Icon. WHERE ELSE might I find this recipe so that I can write it down and TRY IT??????
    Thanks! Christie from California

  66. 158

    I’m trying this for the first time today, and in oder to get the consistency like in your video, I had to add much more flour than 6 1/2 cups. Fingers crossed it still turns out well 🙂

  67. 160
    Momstheword11 says:

    I cannot get bread to rise. I don’t know why. I follow directions. Each time I think maybe this time it will work but no, sadly. Is yeast sometimes allergic to some people or something? WHYrs ME? WHY ANYONE? Such a terrible curse to be “yeast challenged”!!

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks. Great video!

  68. 161
    Momstheword11 says:

    I cannot get bread to rise. I don’t know why. I follow directions. Each time I think maybe this time it will work but no, sadly. Is yeast sometimes allergic to some people or something? WHY ME? WHY ANYONE? Such a terrible curse to be “yeast challenged”!!

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks. Great video!

    • 162

      Hi there, are you placing the bread in a warm area with a dark cloth to rise? Also, your yeast could be old. Make sure you try the yeast that I recommended. Did any of this help?

  69. 163

    Hi Josh, I would like to know if I can use instant Yeast intead of rapid yeast?
    thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

    • 164

      Hi Gaby, I’m not too sure of the difference, but it couldn’t hurt too much to try, right?

      • 165

        Thanks so much Josh, I love this recipe, it’s awesome! I did tried the instant yeast and it works just fine, not much difference I also added some brown sugar and cinnamon to make “pan dulce” ( sweet bread) delicious!!

  70. 166
    Momstheword11 says:

    Dear Josh,
    I just made this and it worked. It is the first bread I ever made that we can actually eat. BTW, I noticed while making this that it is essentially the same as a pretzel dough recipe I have been wanting to try, so I divided the dough in half and that worked also! We love this recipe and it is so easy!!

  71. 169

    I have made this recipe several times. It is a favorite with my kids. I have added a small twist to it though.

    after I spread the dough and before i roll it, i brush the dough with olive oil and Dean Jacob’s Rosa Maria spices to it. (Garlic Salt, Rosemary, parsley, thyme , oregano, black pepper). The bread does not make it thru the weekend.

    Experiment with this.


  72. 171

    Hi Josh, happened upon your video after watching one on sweet milk buns. I was so happy to find yours.
    it does not require a fancy bread machine, but only a wooden spoon, and uses all purpose flour. Can’t wait to make it.
    I love the older recipes, one I make often is a scone recipe I got from an aunt years ago.

  73. 173

    Thank you, Josh. Your mother’s recipe is wonderful. I’m not strong enough to use my hands, so I let my mixer do the work. I pull out the dough hook, cover and let It do it’s first rise under the mixer. The rest is per your instructions. The first two bakings were eaten within hours of coming out of the oven. It has been so fun to share your bread.
    My next recipe is your cinnamon rolls. I need twice the recipe for my family. I’m going to try to double the recipe to save time. We all are looking forward to this new treat.

  74. 175

    Hi josh, I see your using all purpose flour, in England that is plain flour or should I use strong white bread flour, they look amazing thanks for sharing x

  75. 177

    I went to the site and still don’t see where the ingredients are for your 7 minute world’s best french bread recipe.

  76. 179

    For some reason, yeast and bread making has always intimidated me. But, after I watched your video, I thought I’d give it a try. The bread turned out very good. I was pleasantly surprised and so pleased that I have found a bread recipe I can manage. I’ve already made this bread twice and am getting ready to make it a third time.
    Thank you very much for providing the video!

  77. 181

    Hi Josh….Best bread ever!! thank you for sharing!!

  78. 183

    I made this bread this afternoon. Turned out AMAZINNNNNNGGGGGGGG! I watched your U2B video and it was very simple. Man I let that bread rise for 4 hrs. My break shape was kinda oblong shape. But hey, still great!!! I need to get a bread pan. Thank you!

  79. 185

    Hi, Josh! I just made this bread, and my family loved it! Searching for soft bread recipes on you tube and yours was there on the list. I watched it because my son’s name is also Joshua and he loves making bread! I did do something different though, I left 1/2 the dough as a you show and the other 1/2 was cut into 5 smaller sandwich rolls. They were perfect. Thank you and your mom for a beautiful, delicious recipe. This will be my go to recipe from now on, simple and delicious!

  80. 187

    Hi Josh, I tried different recipes they did not work out I was about ready to give up until I found your recipe and yayyyy!!! I did it I was so excited. We like to dip it in dark raspberry balsamic vinegar and rosemary roasted garlic olive oil it’s so delicious. I want to say thank you thank you for sharing your Moms recipe it’s a special one. Lisa

  81. 189

    this is the only recipe that’s works great for me, bread comes out beautiful every time thanks a lot

  82. 191
    Gloria DeBlasio says:

    Josh, just wanted to let you know that I made your Mother’s bread recipe twice now and will be making it again today. I love working with dough and this recipe is fantastic and my whole family loves it. Thanks so very much for sharing it with us.

  83. 193
    Samantha says:

    I found this recipe and after reading most of the comments, I decided to make it. What I have to say about this recipe is…wow I’m glad I tried it and will continue to make it. It’s a keeper! Thanks for sharing Josh!

  84. 194
    antonio says:

    maravilloso me encanto esta fabuloso y me gusto te pregunto si tienes una receta de pan sobao suave te agradeseria que lo subiras eres un Exito wooa

  85. 195
    antonio says:

    Exselente Pan Reene esta exquisito , perfecto me gustaria saber si tienes la receta de pan de manteca parecido al de puerto rico esponjoso y suave me gustaria que la subieras gracias

  86. 196
    Charles Keating says:

    Josh, I have several types of baking vessels ranging from small cast iron to large clay pots. When using whatever type I decide on is their anything I should do different when using this recipe. Every type of vessel has different instructions such as to heat the cast iron when preheating the oven to soaking the clay and letting the dough rise in it and placing it into a cold oven or do I go by the trial & error rule? Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  87. 198
    Marlene says:

    I don’t know of this question was asked but how do I know when it’s ready forsure do i poke it with a toothpick and if I male the bread a braid does that affect it in any way? Thanks.

    • 199

      Sorry for my late reply Marlene. I can tell it’s ready by the light brown color on top. If there’s dough inside, then just return it to the oven for a couple minutes. If the top gets too dark, then your oven is a bit too hot and you need to adjust your recipe temperature to match your oven and elevation.

  88. 200

    I made this bread today and am very impressed. It has a heavenly taste and texture. Thanks Josh

  89. 202

    Hi Josh,
    What can I say but Thank’s for this French Bread Recipe, My two loaves came out absolutely Fabulous, I have been looking for this kind of bread Recipe for quite some time now, I baked mine in a double loaf italian bread pan, as opposed to a baking sheet or Pizza stone, This Recipe will be my go to bread from now on, will use it exclusively for the Holidays, Thank you so much .


  90. 204

    Hi Josh,
    Thanks for recipe and very easy steps. I’m making it now and will let you know the result 🙂

    • 205
      B Zielinski says:

      I made your bread and it was very good. Was wondering if you have any cinnamon bread recipes? I have tried other cinnamon bread recipes but they have not risen.

  91. 206

    Making this bread tonight, and wiriting this as my dough rises for the 2nd time. First time making 🍞 so will let you know how it turns out!

  92. 207
    christina ocampo says:

    wow, thank you so much for sharing this recipe to kids loved it..I made this ham filled rubbed butter on top and glazed with honey..haha fantastic!

  93. 208

    Hi Josh,

    This bread was very easy to make!!! I always try and feed my family whole wheat bread, so for this recipe I used 3 cup of white flour and 3 cups of whole wheat and it came out delish!!


  94. 209

    Very easy and Thanks!

  95. 210

    Hi Josh,just trying your French loaf for the very first time its on its second rise before going into the oven,am so excited, will let you know of the result. That k you so much ,finally I have. A recipe that I can manage.

  96. 211

    Made this today . oMG is all gotta say No the bread is not crusty on outside or anything but the texture softness of this bread puts any bread loaf to shame. I threw away my best bread recipe that I made in bread machine. This bread is so easy to make and so good it is unreal. I am 65 years old and have made lots of bread recipes . This will my go too from now on

  97. 212

    Josh (AND Renee)

    I cannot thank you enough for sharing this recipe. I’ve been making it for at least 4 years and folks just rave. And, it works great as rolls too!!! I just roll dough into round balls about 2 inches in diameter (instead of rolling out and making loaves). Any bigger than that and they will be mini loaves, they really grow a lot, so give them a lot of room to spread. Soft and puffy! A great choice for holidays and special occasion dinners. Leftover rolls make great sliders or mini sandwiches. I do reduce the cooking time by a few minutes, but other than that it’s exactly the same as making the loaves.

    If you like a french roll/loaf to be a LITTLE less soft, spray water into the hot oven immediately before putting bread into the oven and close door quickly. Spray oven again about half-way through (or just throw 2 or 3 ice cubes on the bottom of the oven, that works as well).

  98. 213

    I made it tonight. I had made naan bread in the past, but this was the first bread i made that need to raise perfectly.
    And i did it. Really soft and idiot-proof 🙂

    I just fine it too sweet. Would it effect the yeast if i put less sugar in?

    Again, thank you. Will keep watching your tutorial. Your boy must be a big boy by now btw:) so cute.

  99. 214
    Vernize says:

    Hi Josh, I have made this recipe numerous times & I absolutely ❤️ love it! It’s easy to follow instructions or video. Thank you for sharing : )), Happy Con’t baking 👍🏽😋

  100. 215
    Joey lee says:

    Hi Josh, I’ve made this today, the taste and texture turned out really fantastic, I’m so happy! But I dunno why mine have some big air bubbles, lol.. but I really wanna thank you so much for your recipe, coz I have tried many other bread recipes many times they didn’t work out. 😊

  101. 216
    16acrewood says:

    the bread is turning out great and it is nice and fluffy right now

  102. 217

    Hi Josh,
    Just wanted to tell you I love your Mother’s bread. I actually did the happy dance in the middle of the kitchen floor. The dogs and the cat, thought I had lost my mind but, really this is the best bread in the world wide world.
    Thank you so much for the recipe and I hope you have a great week

  103. 218

    Yesss so good soft mild sweetness we loved it ate it all lol

  104. 219
    Karen Lajoie says:

    Hi Josh,
    Thank you for the wonderful video tutorial and very easy to follow instruction. I am fairly new to bread making; I actually spent 10 months researching history, the science and recipes before endeavoring to journey into this most amazing experience. Now that I have pretty much mastered a simple basic artisan bread recipe, I feel ready to delve into attempting my favorite bread, French Bread. Although I adore the versatility of the baguette, I truly love the simple soft French loaf.
    I am looking forward to using your recipe for my first attempt but in reviewing your recipe I noticed that you recommend using “rapid rising dry yeast” but I usually use “Instant Dry Yeast”.. will it make a difference if I substitute?

  105. 220
    Jennifer V says:

    I tried this recipe last year. It was the first time I attempted bread and it turned out delicious. I’ve been reading the comments and I definitely have to try the variations. Thanks Josh!

  106. 221

    hi josh,

    this is a great recipe, i was just wondering, am i doing some thing wrong in my method.
    the bottom is slightly more tougher then the rest of the bread

    is there anything i can do to make the bottom more softer,,,

    would it help if i used a french baguette pan ?

    i love the soft bread its a definitely keeper,,,,,,

    thank you for the recipe,,, any suggestions on that small quirk ?

  107. 222
    Becky Buck says:

    Made it, LOVE IT!!! Wish I could add a photo to show you. Thanks for your great recipes! Next on my list is your chile. And, I bought the ingredients to make your pizza sauce and dough. By the way, what size box vanilla instant pudding for your cinnamon rolls, small or a large box? (your recipe says 1/2). I would highly recommend that people watch videos in lieu of printed recipes. I have found the videos include more accurate information. I usually pull it up on my cell phone, especially while I’m making new recipes, it’s easier for me to visually see it, Plus, often vital information is missed on printed recipes, which is very disappointing for people who are taking their time and their resources to privide homemade breads and meals.

  108. 223

    Several years later… This is still my go-to bread (or should I say rolls) when holiday time rolls around. This year, I think I am going to knot them like a kaiser roll, just for the added interest. Love, love, LOVE this recipe. So yummy!

  109. 224

    Josh – this is the bread I am making next – after my English Muffin Bread gets outta the oven! Your soft French Bread looks fantastic – I found you on youtube when I was looking for my EM bread recipe.

  110. 226

    Josh I made the bread – it is cooling – it turned out pretty much like yours, but spread a bit more cuz I didn’t roll into rectangle or roll it from length side like jelly roll I was doing everything pretty much from memory forgot those things…but it smells fantastic and I figure if I can eat the dough off my fingers after mixing it and going yuummm, it will pretty much be good!

  111. 227

    This is my go to bread from now on – I have made it four times and just love it! I did replace with 1/2 cup of wheat flr one time and one time I replaced 1 cup of wht flr to make it a bit firm and put sheet pan of water in bottom of oven to make crust crisper. When I pulled it out of oven, I buttered top and sprinkled fine salt over. Heaven on earth. I think – eventually – I can add olives or something. This bread is the bomb. But really, your exact recipe is the best of all, instead of all my tweaking.

  112. 228

    i was very careful with the measurements but the dough is too sticky, i have added at least 6 more half cups of flour , it is still too sticky, now at the stage of post first rise.
    there is no way i can roll this dough out, any ideas why?

  113. 229

    I’ve made this now at least 10 times and it comes out amazing every time! Only thing I’ve changed is to halve the recipe since it’s only my wife and myself. AWESOME and so simple!

  114. 230

    Hey Josh just made your bread and it came out perfect. But one question, I use 1 tbsp of rapid rising yeast as it states on the recipe… and even though the loafs looked perfect it had such a strong aroma of yeasts…. any idea what could have caused this? There has to be something I did wrong… ugh

  115. 231
    Ricardo P says:

    Hey Josh, I wonder if making the bread with self-risen flour will work as good as with the all-purpose flour that you use in your recipe, do you know? Have you tried it?
    Please let me know. Thanks

  116. 232

    Josh I made this almost exactly as you said except for these changes:

    1. Before baking I applied a very light coating of olive oil to the loaves.
    2. I baked with my convection oven a little hotter (400F) for 25 minutes.
    3. Turned up the oven to 425 for the last 5 minutes.
    4. I did not rub with butter.

    My crust had a lot of color and was crispy. Very delicious served warm with butter.

    Thanks for the great recipe!

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