World’s Best Tasting Healthy Chilli

When you’re trying to get in shape, eating healthy can be the biggest challenge. That’s why I constantly experiment with new healthy recipes that don’t taste healthy. You know what I mean. Come on, who wants to eat rice cakes and soy milk?

A couple years ago my wife & I were given a recipe for the best chili we had ever tasted. What surprised us most is that it was very low in fat, very low in carbohydrates, very high in protein, and easier than almost anything else we make. We modified the recipe a wee bit, tested it on quite a few people, and finally perfected it.

This past Halloween we took it to a large party, where many of the guests were asked to bring Chili. Our healthy chili was surrounded by a dozen pots of full-fat chili, and within minutes our chili pot was scraped empty, while all of the other pots were nowhere near empty. Do you want to know the biggest surprize? Nobody knew that our chili was healthy!

So without further delay, here is the recipe for chili that will give you more friends, more free time, and a better body:

“Unhealthy-Tasting Healthy Chili” Ingredients:

One 16-20 oz. package lean ground turkey (browned)

One 1.25 ounce packet of Chili seasoning (or Taco seasoning, if you want to turn this into Taco Soup)

One 15 oz. can of corn

One 15 oz. can of kidney beans

One 15 oz. can of pinto beans

One 15 oz. can of black beans

One 7 oz. can of diced green chili peppers

“Unhealthy-Tasting Healthy Chili” Directions:


First, brown the ground turkey in a large stock pot or dutch oven.

While the turkey is browning drain the kidney beans, pinto beans, and black beans together in a colander.

Rinse the beans, and after the turkey is browned, add the rinsed beans to the pot.

 Add the entire can of petite diced tomatoes (including water)


Add the entire can of corn (including water) and the entire can of diced green chili peppers

  Finally, add the entire package of taco seasoning

 Stir all the ingredients together

 Cover the pot, and cook on medium high heat for 10-15 minutes, or until the beans are soft

 Stir occasionally, add more salt if desired, and when the chili is done, serve hot

If you can spare a few grams of carbs & fat, then try turning this recipe into Taco Soup. As mentioned above, use Taco Seasoning instead of Chili Seasoning. Cut corn tortillas into strips, and bake them, on a baking sheet, until crispy. You can then sprinkle the tortilla strips and some cheese over the top.

This easy chili / taco soup will save you even more time because it also tastes amazing as a leftover meal, reheated in the microwave. My wife usually makes one big pot each week, which gives us a full meal for 2 adults & 2 toddlers, plus leftover lunches for a couple days.

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  1. 1
    Susan eassa says:

    I loved it ! awesome ! great job! Just one thin add to list of ingredients the can of tomatoes I got kinda of mixed up otherwise it was filling n I want to make over n over again!! Thx

  2. 3
    Becky Buck says:

    PLEASE CORRECT YOUR RECIPES! You still haven’t added the can of tomatoes to this printed recipe.

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