How to Download Your Facebook Account

What if your Facebook account was hacked and you suddenly lost all your precious messages, friends, wall posts, and photos? I’ve had several friends experience this exact scenario, and all they could do was start a new account and try to remember who some of their friends were. They had to re-upload all their photos, and all their messages were gone forever.

Well, I recently discovered an amazing Facebook feature that will protect your Facebook account, by allowing you to backup all your Facebook data directly to your home computer! Click on the video below to see my brief tutorial (if you’re reading this in your inbox, you must visit my blog to watch it):


Make sure you backup your Facebook account fairly often, to ensure that you have the latest version of your Facebook files. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this cool Facebook feature! Please also share a link to this post with all your Facebook friends, so they can protect their accounts as well.


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