Celtic Woman

What could be better than beautiful Irish women singing beautiful Irish music in front of a beautiful Irish castle? Not much. Check out this video so you can see what I mean:


My wife & I first became fans of the Celtic Woman group several years ago while attending a parade of homes show in the southwestern United States. The concert “A New Journey” was playing on one of the home theater systems. The room was full of people who should have been looking at the fancy kitchen, but instead were crowded around the screen with their mouths open. The fresh and talented voices rang through in perfect harmony while the fiddler and bagpipers moved around on stage.

We very rarely run out and buy a CD, but we were so blown away, that this is exactly what we did…and we bought the DVD of the concert  as well! We then quickly hopped on Amazon.com and ordered their other CDs as well. Here are the tracks from the CD “A New Journey”:

1. The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun (Josh’s favorite)
2. The Prayer (One of Josh’s favorites)
3. Newgrange
4. Over the Rainbow (One of Josh’s favorites)
5. Granuaile’s Dance
6. The Blessing
7. Dulaman (One of Josh’s favorites)
8. Beyond the Sea (One of Josh’s favorites)
9. The Last Rose of Summer
10. Caledonia
11. Lascia Ch’io Pianga
12. Carrckfergus
13. Vivaldi’s Rain
14. The Voice
15. Scarbrough Fair (One of Josh’s favorites)
16. Mo Ghile Mear

In this day & age of one-hit-wonders, I just love spreading the word about truly talented musicians and singers. Everyone we have introduced to Celtic Woman has become a quick convert. I’ve also fallen in love with two other Celtic Woman CDs that have been released since “A New Journey”. They are “Songs from the Heart” and “Christmas Celebration.” Click on the Amazon links below to listen to excerpts from these DVDs & CDs:

[amazon1]     [amazon2]    [amazon3]    [amazon4]

Please leave a comment below & let me know what you think about Celtic Woman!


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