5 Reasons Why I Love America

As my readers know, I have traveled the world extensively. Although I love so many international destinations, my favorite country on earth is the United States of America! Why? Here’s 5 reasons, along with some of my favorite quotes about the U.S.A.   1. America Inspired Worldwide Democracy Did you know that the United States [Read More…]

Inspiring Thoughts – James Taylor & The Beatles

I recently attended a James Taylor concert, and was very inspired. Before his first song, he told the story of how he got his big break back in 1968. He had sat in a room with Paul Mccartney and George Harrison (band members of the Beatles), and played a moving song for them. After he [Read More…]

Inspiring Thoughts – The Tree That Wouldn’t Die

While hiking last week in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains I came across a peculiar tree, which instantly caught my attention. I often look for life’s lessons during my quiet reflective moments, and this lesson instantly hit me hard. This special tree had snapped in a storm, and the top half had fallen over. The tree [Read More…]