EyeOnCam “Monster Clamp” Gets Kids to Look at your Camera

I recently released my new invention…and of course, I Love It!! I used to be a professional photographer, and spent many hours trying to get kids (including mine) to look at my camera. It’s one of a parent’s most frustrating endeavors! Now that I’ve got three kids it’s even harder. So I came up with an idea [Read More…]

Review: SodaStream Soda Fountain

 Click Here for the best price that I found on this SodaStream kit. I’ll share other SodaStream kits below. How to Make a Soda with the Soda Stream? My little kids absolutely love making things from scratch, like popcorn, cookies, pancakes, etc. My wife & I love it too. So we were thrilled when SodaStream sent us [Read More…]

MamaDoo Foldable Playpen Mattress Topper for Travelers

Click Here to see the best deal that I found on this mattress pad. Because I love to travel with my kids, MamaDoo Kids sent me this travel crib pad to test out. It’s perfect for traveling with kids! To tell you the truth, I had often felt bad for my kiddos when they had to sleep [Read More…]

Which Laptop to Buy? 5 Steps to Finding the Best Deal

Last week, while I was working from a beach house on Martha’s Vineyard, my laptop crashed 2 minutes before a scheduled conference call. Black screen. Reboot. Crashed again and again. Sound familiar? Which is the Best Laptop to Buy? My HP laptop had worked just fine for 5 years (a superb lifespan), but I was suddenly thrust [Read More…]

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Martha’s Vineyard Lighthouse

Each year I travel to Martha’s Vineyard for a week, and always visit Gayhead Lighthouse (or Aquinnah lighthouse) because of the colorful sweeping ocean panoramas. This particular photograph was taken on an especially colorful night. I remember climbing over an observation fence, and descending a steep hill to my “nest” where I could capture a [Read More…]

July 4th Flag Cake

I just wanted to show a quick July 4th Cake that my wife and I made yesterday to celebrate America’s Independence Day! This flag cake is now one of our favorite July 4th recipes, and can be found on page 239 of The America’s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book (one of our new favorite cookbooks): [Read More…]

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Angkor Wat Monks

This was one of my more enjoyable photographs to take. I couldn’t believe all these fascinating young monks were walking in front of the world-famous Angkor Wat temple right at sunset. Some of them appeared shy, but some of them seemed to enjoy the attention.  If you’d love to see this photograph on your wall [Read More…]

Which Pillow is Best?

 The Best Pillow? I’ve been wanting to share this Maven tip for quite awhile, so here we go. I’ve had a lot of people ask me, “which type of pillow is most comfortable?” “Which type of pillow gets the best pillow reviews?”   It just so  happens that over the years I have tried a [Read More…]

Josh’s Pizza & Pasta Sauce Recipe

  After quite a few years of trial and error, I’ve finally come up with a quick, easy, and very tasty recipe for Italian Pizza & Pasta sauce! The best part is, you probably already have most of these ingredients in your cupboard. I’m still working on a perfect “made-from-scratch” sauce, but this easy sauce [Read More…]

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Outer Banks Sunset

Driving along the narrow Outer Banks island I saw the sun begin to set. I knew how perfect the docks silhouette against the North Carolina sunsets, so I quickly waded into the water with my tripod and snapped off a bunch of variations of this images with my medium format film camera. If you’d love [Read More…]

Poll: Your Top 3 Dream Travel Destinations?

 I am extremely interested in hearing from you (my readers) about where you would travel if you had unlimited money, resources, and time! Please share your 3 destinations in a comment below:

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Hong Kong at Night

This night cityscape of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers was taken while on a stroll with my good friend Wade Brackenbury, and his wife LG. I was shocked by the mysterious illumination effect that the tallest skyscraper had on the clouds (International Financial Center). If you’d love to see this photograph (or other of my photographs) on [Read More…]

5 Devilishly Good Dessert Recipes

I’ve searched far and wide to bring you 5 devilishly good dessert recipes from the “baking bloggosphere”. I’d like to thank these fellow bloggers for their wonderful recipes!   1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Devil’s Food Cake Cheesecake – The devil himself actually eats these. 2. Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars – Like a candy apple in [Read More…]

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Norway Waterfall

  I saw this incredible seen as I drove up a winding mountain road in the middle of Norway. I pulled off the shoulder as best I could, and spent nearly an hour photographing this clear mountain waterfall. I just couldn’t believe I was fortunate enough to witness such a beautiful scene! If you’d love [Read More…]

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Florence, Italy

  I took this photograph one cold winter evening in Florence, Italy. My wife and I walked along the river and stopped along a bridge to find this perfect view of the Ponte Vecchio bridge at sunset. If you’d love to see this photograph on your wall, purchase a canvas or framed print here:

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Eiffel Tower

I get excited whenever I see this photograph, because it reminds me of my magical trip to Paris. I photographed this interesting night scene in winter, when tourists were scarce. A few minutes later we hopped right into the elevator (no lines) and ascended to see a perfect night view of Paris, the city of [Read More…]

Easy Homemade Italian Style Pizza

I love Pizza, and I hate Pizza. Huh? Pizza from most pizza joints makes me ill, but pizza made at home is one of my favorite foods. Can you relate? My brother-in-law, Stephen, put me on the path to making the ultimate pizza crust (thanks Stevo) and some Italian friends led me to discover the [Read More…]

What are the Outer Banks?

What are the Outer Banks?   Whenever I start raving about the Outer Banks, a lot of people say, “wait, wait, wait…what are the outer banks”? So before I start rambling about how amazing the Outer Banks are, I’ll tell you what they are! Well, I’ll actually let Wikipedia answer the question, “what are the [Read More…]

Ga Ga over Ga Ga Sherbet!

  Wow, have I got a new find for you! Last month our friends, the Wheelers, brought over two cartons of Ga Ga Sherbet (Lemon Sherbet and Raspberry Sherbet). At first I thought, “Sherbet? Who still eats sherbet?” But then I tasted it, and nearly fell over. The Ga Ga elves must have some amazing [Read More…]

Best Kid’s Travel Tent: KidCo PeaPod

***UPDATE: You can find the newest model of the Kidco PeaPod tents here: click here. ***VIDEO NOTE:  On the older model, the mattress must be inserted into bottom zip compartment, not on tent floor!!! Every once in a blue moon I see a product that makes me stop in my track and ask, “where did [Read More…]

How to Make Pasta

How to Make Pasta I want to show you how to make your own homemade pasta. I’ll share both the basic pasta recipe and also my favorite spinach pasta recipe. Normal Pasta Ingredients: Making normal pasta is super simple. For two people, use 2 eggs, 1 cup of all-purpose flour, and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. [Read More…]

Travel to Maine

A couple years ago my wife and I discovered another hidden travel treasure. Some friends invited us to travel to Maine to spend some time with them at their vacation home in the quiet seaside village of Cundy’s Harbor. This map of Maine is zoomed in to show you the location of Cundy’s Harbor:  [mappress [Read More…]

World’s Best Tasting Healthy Chilli

When you’re trying to get in shape, eating healthy can be the biggest challenge. That’s why I constantly experiment with new healthy recipes that don’t taste healthy. You know what I mean. Come on, who wants to eat rice cakes and soy milk? A couple years ago my wife & I were given a recipe [Read More…]

Visiting Wayne Henderson: Legendary Musician and Guitar Maker

This summer I had the pleasure to visit the guitar shop of legendary guitar maker and bluegrass musician, Wayne Henderson. Wayne’s shop and home sit along a quiet country rode in the rural village of Rugby, Virginia. Please watch my brief documentary below: Wayne Henderson’s performance resume stretches from The White House to Carnegie Hall, [Read More…]

Best Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland

I first fell in love with The Knight Residence a decade ago.  The free parking lot and the convenient location was my initial reason for choosing this upscale hotel (walking distance to the Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile, and Princes Street), but the style, amenities, comfort, and top-notch customer service kept me coming back whenever [Read More…]

5 Reasons Why I Love America

As my readers know, I have traveled the world extensively. Although I love so many international destinations, my favorite country on earth is the United States of America! Why? Here’s 5 reasons, along with some of my favorite quotes about the U.S.A.   1. America Inspired Worldwide Democracy Did you know that the United States [Read More…]

15 Amazing Scottish Destinations (Part 3/3)

Part 3/3: 11. Oban   Oban is a great place to clear your mind. Sit on the harbor and quietly watch the boats come and go. The main street of Oban offers some fun shopping and great eating.   12. Monty Python’s Doune Castle   Have you ever watched the obnoxious cult classic movie, “Monty [Read More…]

15 Amazing Scottish Destinations (Part 2/3)

6. Huntly Part 2/3: I lived in the tiny and picturesque town of Huntly for several months, and enjoyed every minute! This small town is concentrated awesomeness. You’ll love Huntly Castle (home of the Gordon Clan), another one of my favorite castles. Of course, this is another ruined castle, with plenty of hidden rooms to [Read More…]

15 Amazing Scottish Destinations (Part 1/3)

Part 1/3: During the two years that I lived in Scotland (and on subsequent visits), I discovered some truly amazing places. I am often asked for advice on traveling around Scotland, and I recommend some places that are well known, but most are hidden treasures. If you want a quick snapshot, enjoy my 3-part article. [Read More…]

#1 Most Amazing Sandcastle Ever! Sunset Beach, NC

Last week I experienced one of the most artistic moments of my life, an unbelievable sandcastle at Sunset Beach, North Carolina. This incredible ancient sand city was designed and created by artist Lukas Goodmuth, from Baltimore, Maryland. Normally, rainstorms would have prevented Lukas and his family from having enough time to work out such intricate [Read More…]

Inspiring Thoughts – James Taylor & The Beatles

I recently attended a James Taylor concert, and was very inspired. Before his first song, he told the story of how he got his big break back in 1968. He had sat in a room with Paul Mccartney and George Harrison (band members of the Beatles), and played a moving song for them. After he [Read More…]

Renée’s Famous Soft French Bread Recipe

The number 1 food that people request from my mother Renée, is her soft french bread. Now most of her 10 children receive the exact same request from their families and friends! You are now fortunate enough to be receiving Renée’s famous recipe. Click on the icon below for a printable recipe:       [Read More…]

Inspiring Thoughts – The Tree That Wouldn’t Die

While hiking last week in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains I came across a peculiar tree, which instantly caught my attention. I often look for life’s lessons during my quiet reflective moments, and this lesson instantly hit me hard. This special tree had snapped in a storm, and the top half had fallen over. The tree [Read More…]

Gmail Tip: Show Only Unread Gmail Messages

Have you ever wanted to just show all your unread gmail messages at once, instead of having to click through all the hundreds of pages of your inbox? I just discovered a super-easy email tip that I just love! Just type “label: unread” into your gmail search box, and click “search mail”. That’s it! Your [Read More…]

Travel to Martha’s Vineyard

Quiz question…what do the following people have in common? James Taylor, David McCullough, John Belushi, Ulysses S. Grant, Carly Simon, Bill Clinton, The Kennedy family, and President Obama. They have all been residents or huge fans of Martha’s Vineyard. Now you can join this elite list! 7 years ago I started visiting the beautiful island [Read More…]

The Art of Shaving – 10 Steps to the Perfect Shave

What is the latest trend in getting the perfect shave? Going back to the old school art of shaving! The Art of Shaving UPDATED 01/25/2016: Shaving with a cartridge razor  was always a terrible experience for me, and shaving with an electric razor was especially traumatic. Luckily, last year I discovered the art of shaving with [Read More…]

How to Modify Bisquick to get the World’s Best Waffles

Don’t tell my mom, but I found a way to modify Bisquick waffle mix in a way that actually tastes better than her homemade waffle recipe. I was amazed! That’s a big deal, because her recipe involves the time-consuming beating of egg whites & other laborious steps. Bisquick was always just background as I pushed [Read More…]

Travel to Siena, Tuscany, Italy

After two hours of searching the medieval streets of Siena for a vacant hotel room we removed our backpacks to rest our exhausted bodies. Looking up at the darkening sky I said, “we should have taken a taxi from the train station, and we should have booked a hotel in advance!” My wife Laura laughed [Read More…]

Travel to Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Have you ever felt like you’ve stepped back in time? Like you were thrown into a story, like The Jungle Book? Well, I have. It took place in the huge ancient jungle ruins of Angkor Wat, near Siem Reap, Cambodia. I first heard about this spectacular destination in my college archaeology class, and I just [Read More…]

Josh’s Homemade Spinach Pasta

Is there anything more impressive than being able to make your own colorful pasta? The answer is no, there is not. This healthy, yet tasty pasta recipe will draw hordes of admiring fans to your dinner table. You may even have a few people ask for your autograph. Cook Time: 5 min, Yield: about 1 [Read More…]

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