EyeOnCam “Monster Clamp” Gets Kids to Look at your Camera

I recently released my new invention…and of course, I Love It!! I used to be a professional photographer, and spent many hours trying to get kids (including mine) to look at my camera. It’s one of a parent’s most frustrating endeavors! Now that I’ve got three kids it’s even harder. So I came up with an idea [Read More…]

Best Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland

I first fell in love with The Knight Residence a decade ago.  The free parking lot and the convenient location was my initial reason for choosing this upscale hotel (walking distance to the Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile, and Princes Street), but the style, amenities, comfort, and top-notch customer service kept me coming back whenever [Read More…]

15 Amazing Scottish Destinations (Part 1/3)

Part 1/3: During the two years that I lived in Scotland (and on subsequent visits), I discovered some truly amazing places. I am often asked for advice on traveling around Scotland, and I recommend some places that are well known, but most are hidden treasures. If you want a quick snapshot, enjoy my 3-part article. [Read More…]

Travel to Martha’s Vineyard

Quiz question…what do the following people have in common? James Taylor, David McCullough, John Belushi, Ulysses S. Grant, Carly Simon, Bill Clinton, The Kennedy family, and President Obama. They have all been residents or huge fans of Martha’s Vineyard. Now you can join this elite list! 7 years ago I started visiting the beautiful island [Read More…]

Hotel Palazzo Fani Mignanelli in Siena, Italy

In my article entitled “Travel to Siena, Tuscany, Italy” I wrote about a gem of a hotel that I stumbled upon during the winter in Siena, Italy, called the Hotel Palazzo Fani Mignanelli. My wife Laura & I found this hotel above a colorful flower shop. At 60 Euros ($85) per night, I honestly didn’t [Read More…]

A Luxurious Night at The Hotel Roanoke

I love hotels! That’s why I’m very excited to give away a free night stay to one of America’s top historic luxury hotels, the Hotel Roanoke in Virginia. Please scroll to the bottom for the giveaway details. The moment I walked through the large front doors, I was struck by the hotel’s unique mixture of [Read More…]

World’s Best Cinnamon Roll Recipe!

Watch my video as I make the best cinnamon rolls you’ll ever taste! It’s been an absolute hit everywhere I take them. httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zAb9cuJ3ZQ Whenever my wife & I are invited anywhere, we are also encouraged to bring these cinnamon rolls along, so you can be certain that your popularity will grow, even if it’s not [Read More…]

Josh’s Easy Homemade Italian Berry Gelato Recipe!

Have you ever had homemade Italian galato? If not, then you really haven’t eaten a real dessert! Whenever I travel through Europe (especially Italy) this stuff is my daily staple. I’m going to show you a super easy & fast way to make it! I was born in 1980 in a rural farming village. Oh, [Read More…]

Josh’s Butternut and Thyme Creamy Pasta

Do you love gourmet food, but your kids are picky eaters? Do you have kids that won’t even look at their veggies? I created this tasty gourmet dish that will make your entire family’s mouth water. It is certainly a favorite in my home, and my son doesn’t even realize that it contains a vegetable! [Read More…]

Hotel: Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa, Thailand

What if I told you that one of the most luxurious resorts in the world would only cost you around $100 a night? Furthermore, what if I told you that the rate includes the most amazing breakfast buffet you’ve ever had, and a free river cruise shuttle all around the city? Would you believe me? [Read More…]

Travel to Sunset Beach, North Carolina

Are you looking for a beach destination with beautiful sand, warm water, and very few people? Then look no further than the small barrier island of Sunset Beach in North Carolina! Being from the Rocky Mountains, I had always heard that California had the nice beaches & warm water, and the east coast had dirty [Read More…]

Which Jeans are Best?

I know, I know, items like blue jeans are very subjective (they all look and feel differently), but this is my blog and I can voice my opinion on what I love! About 5 years ago I found a 50% off sale on Diesel jeans. Although the sale prices were still higher than any other [Read More…]

Globe Trekker Travel DVDs

When I first started traveling the world, I picked up a Lonely Planet travel guidebook from a local book store. The book was very handy, but even more so was the television show by the same name. A number of years ago Pilot Guides  changed the name of their television series from Lonely Planet to [Read More…]