Reviews of Josh's favorite socks. Josh shares the most durable and comfortable socks he has found.

Josh Has Opened Shop!

Josh Has Opened Shop! As a Maven, I continually get asked for my advice on which products are the best, so I finally decided to open my own shop here on, so you can quickly and easily find my favorite products! You’ll also find some products and art that I’ve made. Check it out [Read More…]

Help! Running Socks

Please help me find some good ankle running socks, that are cushy and won’t slip down into the running shoes! Thanks, Josh

Which Dress Socks are Best?

This is perhaps one of the categories that I’ve had the most experience with. When I was in my early twenties I spent a couple years in Scotland volunteering for a humanitarian organization. During that time I walked several miles every day in dress shoes and dress socks. During this time I really had a [Read More…]

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