Josh Has Opened Shop!

Josh Has Opened Shop! As a Maven, I continually get asked for my advice on which products are the best, so I finally decided to open my own shop here on, so you can quickly and easily find my favorite products! You’ll also find some products and art that I’ve made. Check it out [Read More…]

Doin’ The Pigeon

This video of Bert “doin’ the pigeon” brought back great memories, and made me smile! I love it! P.S. I just found this Sesame Street CD box set on Amazon, and am going to buy it! [amazon1] Please comment below & share some of your favorite stuff from the good ol’ days! Click Here to [Read More…]

Visiting Wayne Henderson: Legendary Musician and Guitar Maker

This summer I had the pleasure to visit the guitar shop of legendary guitar maker and bluegrass musician, Wayne Henderson. Wayne’s shop and home sit along a quiet country rode in the rural village of Rugby, Virginia. Please watch my brief documentary below: Wayne Henderson’s performance resume stretches from The White House to Carnegie Hall, [Read More…]

Inspiring Thoughts – James Taylor & The Beatles

I recently attended a James Taylor concert, and was very inspired. Before his first song, he told the story of how he got his big break back in 1968. He had sat in a room with Paul Mccartney and George Harrison (band members of the Beatles), and played a moving song for them. After he [Read More…]

7 Funniest Pranks Ever! Vote for your Favorite!

Do you like to pull pranks on others? I do! I have an evil mutated gene in my body that just makes me feel pure joy when I see someone freak out. I often hop on YouTube to see what other pranksters have to offer. Over the past several years I’ve compiled my top 7 [Read More…]

“DK Eyewitness Travel Guides”

***UPDATED 3/16/2011 *** The winner failed to claim this giveaway, so the runner up is comment #49, Shawna! Comment #49 was randomly chosen by   ***UPDATED 3/13/2011 ***And the winner is: Comment #1, Amber Moore! Amber has 72 hours to contact me with her mailing address, or another winner will be chosen, so everyone [Read More…]

Favorite Movie: Ratatouille

Who would have thought that a movie about a rat would become my #1 favorite movie? Not me. But now it’s one of the few movies that I can watch more than once per year. Click on the below video to watch a brief trailer: [youtube1] My 2 year old son and I watched this [Read More…]

The Sourcerer’s Apprentice

Have you ever been totally wrong about something? When I heard that Disney was making a movie loosely based on Mickey’s Fantasia, I predicted that it would be a dud (especially given Nicolas Cage’s recent box office letdowns). Tonight I was proven wrong, and I am now eating a big plate of crow. The Sorcerer’s [Read More…]

Celtic Woman

What could be better than beautiful Irish women singing beautiful Irish music in front of a beautiful Irish castle? Not much. Check out this video so you can see what I mean: [youtube1] My wife & I first became fans of the Celtic Woman group several years ago while attending a parade of homes show [Read More…]

Giveaway! Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Blu-ray/DVD Combo

***UPDATED***And the winner is: Comment #9, Andrea Barnhart! Andrea has 72 hours to contact me with her mailing address, or another winner will be chosen, so check back again in 72 hours. Note: Comment #9 was randomly chosen by Thanks for entering, and check back in a few days for my much bigger giveaway! [Read More…]

Movie: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Of all the new computer animated cartoons, I think this is the funniest! This past summer my wife and I set out blankets, dinner, and the laptop computer out on our deck, so we could enjoy a fun date…well, almost a date…my two-year-old son tagged along. I didn’t know what to expect from Cloudy With [Read More…]

America’s Test Kitchen 2010 TV Show Cookbook

If you only want to buy one cookbook, then this is it. America’s Test Kitchen is a TV show on public television where a team of professional chefs and food scientists make each recipe dozens of times until the recipe becomes perfect. They use test panels to test their recipes, cooking equipment, and various ingredients.  [Read More…]

Movie: Lord of the Rings

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love The Lord of the Rings books and movies. Heck, right now I’m even reading the books to my 2-year-old son! In case you’ve been living in a cave, here’s a trailer: [youtube1]   Even if you’re not a fantasy geek, these movies will draw you right [Read More…]

Globe Trekker Travel DVDs

When I first started traveling the world, I picked up a Lonely Planet travel guidebook from a local book store. The book was very handy, but even more so was the television show by the same name. A number of years ago Pilot Guides  changed the name of their television series from Lonely Planet to [Read More…]

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