Home Appliances

Reviews of Josh's favorite home appliances, such as washers, dryers, vacuums, fridges, and dishwashers.

How to Call For Free | 3 Simple Steps

  3 Step Tutorial: How to Call for Free?    Do you want to call for free? Do you want to cut your cell bill in half? Do you have bad cell phone reception at home? A simple little device has liberated me to make free legal telephone calls, from my home, to cell phones [Read More…]

Josh Has Opened Shop!

Josh Has Opened Shop! As a Maven, I continually get asked for my advice on which products are the best, so I finally decided to open my own shop here on JoshLovesIt.com, so you can quickly and easily find my favorite products! You’ll also find some products and art that I’ve made. Check it out [Read More…]

Help! Vacuum Cleaners

I’ve gone through a couple vacuums and have been pretty disappointed. If you’ve found a great home vacuum, please leave a comment below! Thanks, Josh

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