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Reviews of Josh's favorite baby & kid products.

EyeOnCam “Monster Clamp” Gets Kids to Look at your Camera

I recently released my new invention…and of course, I Love It!! I used to be a professional photographer, and spent many hours trying to get kids (including mine) to look at my camera. It’s one of a parent’s most frustrating endeavors! Now that I’ve got three kids it’s even harder. So I came up with an idea [Read More…]

MamaDoo Foldable Playpen Mattress Topper for Travelers

Click Here to see the best deal that I found on this mattress pad. Because I love to travel with my kids, MamaDoo Kids sent me this travel crib pad to test out. It’s perfect for traveling with kids! To tell you the truth, I had often felt bad for my kiddos when they had to sleep [Read More…]

Josh Has Opened Shop!

httpvh:// Josh Has Opened Shop! As a Maven, I continually get asked for my advice on which products are the best, so I finally decided to open my own shop here on, so you can quickly and easily find my favorite products! You’ll also find some products and art that I’ve made. Check it [Read More…]

Best Kid’s Travel Tent: KidCo PeaPod

***UPDATE: You can find the newest model of the Kidco PeaPod tents here: click here. ***VIDEO NOTE:  On the older model, the mattress must be inserted into bottom zip compartment, not on tent floor!!! Every once in a blue moon I see a product that makes me stop in my track and ask, “where did [Read More…]

Which Baby Carrier?

Nearly 2 years ago my wife & I took our one-year-old son on a very difficult hike on the Appalachian trail. I carried him in a lower-end backpack carrier, that we had borrowed. BIG MISTAKE!!! By the end of the rigorous hike my shoulders had bruises & my whole body ached. That painful experience  sent [Read More…]

Ocean Wonders Soothe & Glow Seahorse

Screaming babies drive me crazy. That’s why this little blue seahorse has topped my list of favorite kid toys. The Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe & Glow Seahorse may be the best $12-$15 investment you can make, if you’ve got kids that is. This plush little toy plays nice soothing music while it glows in the [Read More…]

Phil&Teds Sport Stroller

When you have your first child, everything changes. You’re scared to death, right? Then when you’re getting ready to have a second child, you think everything’s going to be a breeze; you’re a pro! Right? Wrong. Everything is different. The child is different, your schedule is different, and some of the child gear is different. [Read More…]

Which Sippy Cup is Best?

Which Sippy Cup? We have a very precocious two-year-old son. Alright, I guess precocious is an understatement; he’s freekin’ destructive! Every so-called “sippy cup” that we bought him leaked. If it didn’t leak before he got his hands (and teeth) on it, it definitely did afterward. So which sippy cup is best? I finally found [Read More…]

Help! Diaper Pail

I am in major need of a good diaper pail! I bought my wife a highly-reviewed diaper pail, and man was it a pooper (pun intended). I didn’t want to buy a pail that required the additional expense of special bags, but maybe I’ll have to go that route? Please share comments with your favorite [Read More…]