EyeOnCam “Monster Clamp” Gets Kids to Look at your Camera

I recently released my new invention…and of course, I Love It!! I used to be a professional photographer, and spent many hours trying to get kids (including mine) to look at my camera. It’s one of a parent’s most frustrating endeavors! Now that I’ve got three kids it’s even harder. So I came up with an idea [Read More…]

Halloween Dead Tree and the Great Pumpkin (VIDEO)

  Traditions are the cement that bind families together. So my wife and I are always trying to think of new and exciting traditions to institute for our family. This Halloween we came up with some great ideas. Santa brings presents at Christmas. The Easter Bunny brings candy and eggs. Patrick the Leprechaun brings treats [Read More…]

How to Call For Free | 3 Simple Steps

  3 Step Tutorial: How to Call for Free?    Do you want to call for free? Do you want to cut your cell bill in half? Do you have bad cell phone reception at home? A simple little device has liberated me to make free legal telephone calls, from my home, to cell phones [Read More…]

Review: SodaStream Soda Fountain

 Click Here for the best price that I found on this SodaStream kit. I’ll share other SodaStream kits below. How to Make a Soda with the Soda Stream? My little kids absolutely love making things from scratch, like popcorn, cookies, pancakes, etc. My wife & I love it too. So we were thrilled when SodaStream sent us [Read More…]

MamaDoo Foldable Playpen Mattress Topper for Travelers

Click Here to see the best deal that I found on this mattress pad. Because I love to travel with my kids, MamaDoo Kids sent me this travel crib pad to test out. It’s perfect for traveling with kids! To tell you the truth, I had often felt bad for my kiddos when they had to sleep [Read More…]

Which Pillow is Best?

 The Best Pillow? I’ve been wanting to share this Maven tip for quite awhile, so here we go. I’ve had a lot of people ask me, “which type of pillow is most comfortable?” “Which type of pillow gets the best pillow reviews?”   It just so  happens that over the years I have tried a [Read More…]

Josh Has Opened Shop!

Josh Has Opened Shop! As a Maven, I continually get asked for my advice on which products are the best, so I finally decided to open my own shop here on JoshLovesIt.com, so you can quickly and easily find my favorite products! You’ll also find some products and art that I’ve made. Check it out [Read More…]

15 Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I’m a father, and I’ve also talked to a bunch of other guys about what they want most for Father’s day, so here’s my list of 15 Father’s Day gift ideas that are guaranteed to please your father, husband, or son (in no particular order):   1. ASUS Transformer TF101-A1 10.1-Inch Tablet Every father wants [Read More…]

Best Kid’s Travel Tent: KidCo PeaPod

***UPDATE: You can find the newest model of the Kidco PeaPod tents here: click here. ***VIDEO NOTE:  On the older model, the mattress must be inserted into bottom zip compartment, not on tent floor!!! Every once in a blue moon I see a product that makes me stop in my track and ask, “where did [Read More…]

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce

This will be a rather short review, but it’s definitely about a product that I’m passionate about. Anyone that has been over to my home for dinner has probably heard me rave about Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce. This sauce may not be for everyone, but if you like a sweet BBQ sauce, then you’ll [Read More…]

Which Cordless Drill is Best?

About 5 years ago I threw a hundred bucks into the trash can. Really! Well, I may as well have thrown it into the trash. During my first home remodel I thought I’d save some moo-la by buying a discount drill. After just a couple months the Black & Decker drill burned up…literally. I saw [Read More…]

Which Baby Carrier?

Nearly 2 years ago my wife & I took our one-year-old son on a very difficult hike on the Appalachian trail. I carried him in a lower-end backpack carrier, that we had borrowed. BIG MISTAKE!!! By the end of the rigorous hike my shoulders had bruises & my whole body ached. That painful experience  sent [Read More…]

Ocean Wonders Soothe & Glow Seahorse

Screaming babies drive me crazy. That’s why this little blue seahorse has topped my list of favorite kid toys. The Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe & Glow Seahorse may be the best $12-$15 investment you can make, if you’ve got kids that is. This plush little toy plays nice soothing music while it glows in the [Read More…]

Real Salt

Who raves about salt? Um, I do. I grew up with Redmond Real Salt and took it for granted…until I went out on my own as a young man. While living in Scotland for a couple years I only found table salt, which tasted strange and “chemically.” So when I moved back to the U.S. [Read More…]

Which Chef’s Knife?

Which Chef’s Knife? Have you ever watched a cooking show and taken notice of the speedy chopping of the professional chefs? I have. And I always tried to mimic what I saw, but just couldn’t do it. That is, until 5 years ago when I purchased the Wüsthof Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife. My sister (who [Read More…]

Toyota Tacoma Review

I researched for months before taking the truck plunge. I wanted power and toughness, yet half-descent gas mileage (not a V8 engine). I wanted comfort, style, and enough room for a family (double cab). But most of all I wanted reliability. My first truck (and also my first love) was a tan 1985 Toyota truck. [Read More…]

Indoor Herb Garden

I’m excited to share one of my cool ideas with you! I love cooking and I love the taste of fresh herbs, but herbs don’t grow very well in my yard. So I decided to do some research on creating an indoor herb garden.Within a few days I was up and running! Here’s how I [Read More…]

Help! Vacuum Cleaners

I’ve gone through a couple vacuums and have been pretty disappointed. If you’ve found a great home vacuum, please leave a comment below! Thanks, Josh

Phil&Teds Sport Stroller

When you have your first child, everything changes. You’re scared to death, right? Then when you’re getting ready to have a second child, you think everything’s going to be a breeze; you’re a pro! Right? Wrong. Everything is different. The child is different, your schedule is different, and some of the child gear is different. [Read More…]

Which Blender is Best?

Which Blender? When I started attending college (12 years ago now) I quickly realized the need to be in shape for the ladies. I jumped into a workout plan and maxed out my food budget with expensive protein shakes. Thus began my quest to find the blender that gave the best bang for my buck. [Read More…]

Décor Idea: Autumn in a bottle

My wife and I came up with this simple and inexpensive way to really give your house a homey feeling during the autumn. We live next to the famous Blue Ridge Parkway, so we took a drive and found these spectacular leaves. We simply cut the branches to size and stuck them in water-filled Mason [Read More…]

Help! Bug Removal

With this year’s infestation of stink bugs, I’d love your advice on a good remedy for bug removal. Someone recommended the BugZooka, but I have yet to try it out. Thanks for your help and advice, Josh

Help! Refer Good Auto Mechanics

Please use the comment section below to help me, by sharing experiences that you’ve had with honest and good auto mechanics. I’d like to gather a good list of mechanics around the country. Thanks for your help, Josh

Silpat® Non-Stick Baking Mat

Last year I discovered an invention that seems to violate scientific reasoning. It was the Silpat® Non-Stick Baking Mat. My friend’s wife baked some very sticky desserts, that normally would have created one of those messes where you’d rather throw away the cookie sheet than  clean it. I saw the strange-looking Silpat sitting underneath the [Read More…]

Which Sippy Cup is Best?

Which Sippy Cup? We have a very precocious two-year-old son. Alright, I guess precocious is an understatement; he’s freekin’ destructive! Every so-called “sippy cup” that we bought him leaked. If it didn’t leak before he got his hands (and teeth) on it, it definitely did afterward. So which sippy cup is best? I finally found [Read More…]

Auto Parts companies

Over the years I have purchased quite a few auto parts. A few years ago, when  I purchased my 2007 Toyota Tacoma, I decided to really upgrade my truck with some cool accessories (i.e. Grille Guard, Nerf Bars, etc.). After deciding which brands I wanted, I made calls to local auto part stores and I [Read More…]

Help! Diaper Pail

I am in major need of a good diaper pail! I bought my wife a highly-reviewed diaper pail, and man was it a pooper (pun intended). I didn’t want to buy a pail that required the additional expense of special bags, but maybe I’ll have to go that route? Please share comments with your favorite [Read More…]

Which Protein Shake is Best?

Which Protein Shake? I’ve gone through more protein powder than most people on this planet ever have. When I first got into body building as a teenager I was told that I needed to pound down protein shake no matter how bad it tasted…so I did. Every time I heard of a new protein shake [Read More…]

Help! Car Air Freshener

A good car air freshener is an item that I would love your feedback on, as I have yet to discover the best, so please leave me comments below! However, I am leaning toward this bacon flavored air freshener (wink, wink): Here’s a link to the bacon air freshener and a few other of my [Read More…]

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