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Reviews of Josh's favorite cooking gadgets, appliances, and cookware

Review: SodaStream Soda Fountain

 Click Here for the best price that I found on this SodaStream kit. I’ll share other SodaStream kits below. How to Make a Soda with the Soda Stream? My little kids absolutely love making things from scratch, like popcorn, cookies, pancakes, etc. My wife & I love it too. So we were thrilled when SodaStream sent us [Read More…]

Josh Has Opened Shop!

Josh Has Opened Shop! As a Maven, I continually get asked for my advice on which products are the best, so I finally decided to open my own shop here on, so you can quickly and easily find my favorite products! You’ll also find some products and art that I’ve made. Check it out [Read More…]

Which Kitchen Knife Sharpener?

This little gadget instantly improved my cooking skills. Don’t believe me? It’s true! Before I got the Chef’s Choice® Model 130 Professional Sharpening Station® I found cooking to be laborious & less than fun. Why? Because I thought that I stunk at cutting (one of the most important parts of cooking) because I couldn’t for the [Read More…]

Which Chef’s Knife?

Which Chef’s Knife? Have you ever watched a cooking show and taken notice of the speedy chopping of the professional chefs? I have. And I always tried to mimic what I saw, but just couldn’t do it. That is, until 5 years ago when I purchased the Wüsthof Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife. My sister (who [Read More…]

Which Blender is Best?

Which Blender? When I started attending college (12 years ago now) I quickly realized the need to be in shape for the ladies. I jumped into a workout plan and maxed out my food budget with expensive protein shakes. Thus began my quest to find the blender that gave the best bang for my buck. [Read More…]

Help! Dining Cutlery

Five years ago we purchased some supposedly high-end forks, spoons, & knives with our wedding gift certificates. But to our disappointment the metal started flaking and rusting. Will you please leave comments below, sharing your experience and advice on the best cutlery for the money? If you’re a store and you want to send me [Read More…]

Silpat® Non-Stick Baking Mat

Last year I discovered an invention that seems to violate scientific reasoning. It was the Silpat® Non-Stick Baking Mat. My friend’s wife baked some very sticky desserts, that normally would have created one of those messes where you’d rather throw away the cookie sheet than  clean it. I saw the strange-looking Silpat sitting underneath the [Read More…]

Which Kitchen Mixer is Best?

Which Kitchen Mixer? Which kitchen mixer is the best?So this Kitchen-Aid mixer is another life-changing gadget for me. I bought it 5 years ago, and it is still going strong. It saves so much time in the kitchen & is another tool that makes cooking enjoyable for me. My little boy likes this machine more [Read More…]

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