Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Eiffel Tower’s Gazing Eye

I was dazzled as I watched the “Eye” of Paris’ Eiffel Tower swing 360 degrees around the horizon of France’s City of Lights. I couldn’t help but chuckle as I compared this scene with the tower in The Lord of the Rings. Yes, I usually have strange thoughts like this continually flow through my mind! [Read More…]

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Martha’s Vineyard Lighthouse

Each year I travel to Martha’s Vineyard for a week, and always visit Gayhead Lighthouse (or Aquinnah lighthouse) because of the colorful sweeping ocean panoramas. This particular photograph was taken on an especially colorful night. I remember climbing over an observation fence, and descending a steep hill to my “nest” where I could capture a [Read More…]

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Lofoten’s Turquoise Water

I was quite shocked to see turquoise blue water in such a far north climate as the Lofoten Islands of Norway. Just after composing and taking this photograph, my wife and I stretched out on the large rocks as the warm sun cut through the cool summer breezes.  If you’d love to see this photograph [Read More…]

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Stars and Stripes

As I walked along the historical and narrow streets of a coastal North Carolina town, a stunningly colorful American Flag flew just over my head. I decided to photograph the texture of the flag to lead the eye throughout the photograph. I paused to feel gratitude for the freedom I have here in the United [Read More…]

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Angkor Wat Monks

This was one of my more enjoyable photographs to take. I couldn’t believe all these fascinating young monks were walking in front of the world-famous Angkor Wat temple right at sunset. Some of them appeared shy, but some of them seemed to enjoy the attention.  If you’d love to see this photograph on your wall [Read More…]

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Tuscan Rooftop Sunset Silhouette

This sunset silhouette of Tuscan rooftops was taken from my balcony in Siena, Italy in the heart of Tuscany. Just as I was taking this evening photograph, the majestic church bells rang right in front of me. It was a very magical travel moment.  If you’d love to see this photograph on your wall (or [Read More…]

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Scottish Highland “Coo”

Having lived in the Scottish highlands I regularly had my dose of laughter every time I’d drive past a cattle farm. The Scottish people call them “Highland Coos”, Scottish for “Highland Cattle”. I really couldn’t tell if this big boy was staring me down or asleep. Either way, it was a fun photograph to take! [Read More…]

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Outer Banks Sunset

Driving along the narrow Outer Banks island I saw the sun begin to set. I knew how perfect the docks silhouette against the North Carolina sunsets, so I quickly waded into the water with my tripod and snapped off a bunch of variations of this images with my medium format film camera. If you’d love [Read More…]

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Venice Canal

I’ll be honest; I was completely lost in Venice when I took this black & white photograph. But I sure am glad that I stumbled upon this lovely scene. The image was shot with medium format black & white film, and looks amazing as a big print or canvas! If you’d love to see this [Read More…]

Poll: Your Top 3 Dream Travel Destinations?

 I am extremely interested in hearing from you (my readers) about where you would travel if you had unlimited money, resources, and time! Please share your 3 destinations in a comment below:

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Hong Kong at Night

This night cityscape of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers was taken while on a stroll with my good friend Wade Brackenbury, and his wife LG. I was shocked by the mysterious illumination effect that the tallest skyscraper had on the clouds (International Financial Center). If you’d love to see this photograph (or other of my photographs) on [Read More…]

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Norway Waterfall

  I saw this incredible seen as I drove up a winding mountain road in the middle of Norway. I pulled off the shoulder as best I could, and spent nearly an hour photographing this clear mountain waterfall. I just couldn’t believe I was fortunate enough to witness such a beautiful scene! If you’d love [Read More…]

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Bangkok Monks

  I walked into one of the many Buddhist temples in Bangkok, Thailand and was excited to see this colorful worship display. I quickly set up my tripod and set my medium format film camera to perform a long exposure, so I could capture the worshipful movement. If you’d love to see this photograph on [Read More…]

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Florence, Italy

  I took this photograph one cold winter evening in Florence, Italy. My wife and I walked along the river and stopped along a bridge to find this perfect view of the Ponte Vecchio bridge at sunset. If you’d love to see this photograph on your wall, purchase a canvas or framed print here:

Josh’s World Photograph of the Week: Eiffel Tower

I get excited whenever I see this photograph, because it reminds me of my magical trip to Paris. I photographed this interesting night scene in winter, when tourists were scarce. A few minutes later we hopped right into the elevator (no lines) and ascended to see a perfect night view of Paris, the city of [Read More…]

What are the Outer Banks?

What are the Outer Banks?   Whenever I start raving about the Outer Banks, a lot of people say, “wait, wait, wait…what are the outer banks”? So before I start rambling about how amazing the Outer Banks are, I’ll tell you what they are! Well, I’ll actually let Wikipedia answer the question, “what are the [Read More…]

Travel to Maine

A couple years ago my wife and I discovered another hidden travel treasure. Some friends invited us to travel to Maine to spend some time with them at their vacation home in the quiet seaside village of Cundy’s Harbor. This map of Maine is zoomed in to show you the location of Cundy’s Harbor:  [mappress [Read More…]

Visiting Wayne Henderson: Legendary Musician and Guitar Maker

This summer I had the pleasure to visit the guitar shop of legendary guitar maker and bluegrass musician, Wayne Henderson. Wayne’s shop and home sit along a quiet country rode in the rural village of Rugby, Virginia. Please watch my brief documentary below: Wayne Henderson’s performance resume stretches from The White House to Carnegie Hall, [Read More…]

Best Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland

I first fell in love with The Knight Residence a decade ago.  The free parking lot and the convenient location was my initial reason for choosing this upscale hotel (walking distance to the Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile, and Princes Street), but the style, amenities, comfort, and top-notch customer service kept me coming back whenever [Read More…]

15 Amazing Scottish Destinations (Part 3/3)

Part 3/3: 11. Oban   Oban is a great place to clear your mind. Sit on the harbor and quietly watch the boats come and go. The main street of Oban offers some fun shopping and great eating.   12. Monty Python’s Doune Castle   Have you ever watched the obnoxious cult classic movie, “Monty [Read More…]

15 Amazing Scottish Destinations (Part 2/3)

6. Huntly Part 2/3: I lived in the tiny and picturesque town of Huntly for several months, and enjoyed every minute! This small town is concentrated awesomeness. You’ll love Huntly Castle (home of the Gordon Clan), another one of my favorite castles. Of course, this is another ruined castle, with plenty of hidden rooms to [Read More…]

15 Amazing Scottish Destinations (Part 1/3)

Part 1/3: During the two years that I lived in Scotland (and on subsequent visits), I discovered some truly amazing places. I am often asked for advice on traveling around Scotland, and I recommend some places that are well known, but most are hidden treasures. If you want a quick snapshot, enjoy my 3-part article. [Read More…]

#1 Most Amazing Sandcastle Ever! Sunset Beach, NC

Last week I experienced one of the most artistic moments of my life, an unbelievable sandcastle at Sunset Beach, North Carolina. This incredible ancient sand city was designed and created by artist Lukas Goodmuth, from Baltimore, Maryland. Normally, rainstorms would have prevented Lukas and his family from having enough time to work out such intricate [Read More…]

Travel to Martha’s Vineyard

Quiz question…what do the following people have in common? James Taylor, David McCullough, John Belushi, Ulysses S. Grant, Carly Simon, Bill Clinton, The Kennedy family, and President Obama. They have all been residents or huge fans of Martha’s Vineyard. Now you can join this elite list! 7 years ago I started visiting the beautiful island [Read More…]

Travel to Siena, Tuscany, Italy

After two hours of searching the medieval streets of Siena for a vacant hotel room we removed our backpacks to rest our exhausted bodies. Looking up at the darkening sky I said, “we should have taken a taxi from the train station, and we should have booked a hotel in advance!” My wife Laura laughed [Read More…]

Travel to Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Have you ever felt like you’ve stepped back in time? Like you were thrown into a story, like The Jungle Book? Well, I have. It took place in the huge ancient jungle ruins of Angkor Wat, near Siem Reap, Cambodia. I first heard about this spectacular destination in my college archaeology class, and I just [Read More…]

Travel to Walden Pond & Concord

Quiz question: What do Steve Carell (actor), Henry David Thoreau (poet), Louisa May Alcott (author), Ralph Waldo Emerson (poet), Kevin Garnett (NBA star), and Nathaniel Hawthorne (author) have in common? Answer: They have all been residents of Concord, Massachusetts! Another less-well-known fact about the Concord area is that it’s one of my favorite places to [Read More…]

Travel to Coyote Gulch, Utah

My two friends and I stumbled around in the dark, desperately trying to find the edge of the cliff by flashlight. When we finally found the edge of the cliff, we began the dangerous night-time descent into one of the West’s most beautiful red canyons. While I wouldn’t recommend trying to find your way into [Read More…]

Travel to Sunset Beach, North Carolina

Are you looking for a beach destination with beautiful sand, warm water, and very few people? Then look no further than the small barrier island of Sunset Beach in North Carolina! Being from the Rocky Mountains, I had always heard that California had the nice beaches & warm water, and the east coast had dirty [Read More…]

Travel to Lofoten Islands, Norway

The Lofoten Islands, in the north of Norway, is perhaps the most beautiful place on earth. If you’ve never heard of this heaven-on-earth, check out the Google map below to see where you need to plan your next trip: [mappress mapid=”1″] Driving along the island is like stepping into a fantasy book. As a former [Read More…]

Help! Golf Courses & Resorts

I’m getting into golf and would love your advice on your favorite golf courses and golf resorts. Thanks for your advice! Josh

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