How to Call For Free | 3 Simple Steps


3 Step Tutorial: How to Call for Free? 


Do you want to call for free? Do you want to cut your cell bill in half? Do you have bad cell phone reception at home? A simple little device has liberated me to make free legal telephone calls, from my home, to cell phones and land lines throughout the US and Canada. You can even travel with it. All you need is a free Google Voice account, an OBi box, a telephone, and a wireless router (or modem).

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The above video shows how I do it, but you can also follow my three simple steps below:

1. Obtain a free phone number from Google Voice


You can definitely make free phone calls just by using Google Voice and a microphone like this one (my favorite) . Google will even allow you to call for free to land lines and cell phones within the United States & Canada (and low rates for international calls). You can even use this system for calling for free while you travel…just take your laptop and microphone! But if you want to setup free calling from your home phone, then read on!

2. Attach the OBi phone Adapter

Before you can make free phone calls (without using your computer) you’ll need to purchase the affordable “OBi100 VoIP Telephone Adapter and Voice Service Bridge” and attach it to your computer modem or wireless router. This is the best price that I found for the OBi100.

© Joshua T. Farnsworth

The reception of this little box is amazing, and it allows you to connect your telephone to Google Voice’s free call service.

© Joshua T. Farnsworth

Simply attach the OBi device to your wireless router or modem, and attach the power chord:

3. Attach your telephone

Next, simply attach your telephone’s chord to the OBi box.

© Joshua T. Farnsworth

I haven’t used a home or office phone in awhile, so I had to buy one. I did a lot of research for affordable telephones that won’t poop out, and found one. This is the highly rated (yet affordable) 2 phone set that I purchased. Here’s the best price that I found.

© Joshua T. Farnsworth

Make sure everything is plugged into the power outlet, and then follow the simple OBi instructions for connecting your Google Voice account to your OBi box. It only took me 2-3 minutes to make the test calls and link my account.

Still Confused?

If my “simple” explanation still didn’t help you understand this, then try this tutorial from OBIHAI.


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    We switched our office phones to google voice/ obi about 2 years ago. It works great. Our phone expense was around $140 per month before that, and since it has been 0. With only about $100 upfront expense or something like that it is a pretty smart thing to do.

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