Hotel: Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa, Thailand

What if I told you that one of the most luxurious resorts in the world would only cost you around $100 a night? Furthermore, what if I told you that the rate includes the most amazing breakfast buffet you’ve ever had, and a free river cruise shuttle all around the city? Would you believe me? It almost sounds too good to be true, but it is indeed true!

River Cruise Dinner

It was 2 o’clock in the morning when we landed in the strange new country of Thailand. My wife & I hesitantly pushed our way through the crowded airport and outside to find a taxi. “Why are there so many people out here in the middle of the night?” I asked my wife. She didn’t have an answer. We noticed that crowds of smiling people stood waiting behind the security barriers. At first I wondered if I had somehow become famous in Thailand without knowing it. Had one of my You Tube videos gone viral? I soon realized that the people were waiting to greet their arriving family members. I suppose the nostalgia of air travel was still thick in Thailand, as it once was long ago in America.

We found a cheerful taxi driver who sped us through the winding streets of the wildly lit city. Then we saw it – the building that would become a lodging beacon, against which we would measure all of our future hotel experiences: The Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa. We had stayed at many other hotels, but none of them compared with what we were about to experience. We were immediately greeted at our taxi by bowing bellboys. “sa-wat dee,” they said, as they lifted our heavy travel backpacks. Then we were quickly ushered into the modern and elegant lobby, and then to the reception desk. What happened next would never have happened in the United States….especially at 3am.

To our surprise, the receptionist kindly handed us glasses of freshly squeezed guava juice! Oh, it gets better. Then came the hot steamed towels to wipe the sweat from our foreheads!

Luxurious rooms with a river view

At this point in our experience, if they had ushered us to a filthy ally & told us to sleep in a cardboard box, I think I would still have felt like I got my money’s worth. But everything just kept getting better. The corridors were lined with incredible ancient art, stylishly combined with modern furnishings. The multi-floored open atrium was covered with long hanging plants. We were shocked as we walked into our huge room. The hotel staff had actually placed purple orchid flowers on our pillows and towels! Way better than mints, if you ask me.

Traditional Thai entertainment

After one of the most peaceful sleeps in my life, the next morning we explored the enormous resort. It felt more like an upscale  museum than a hotel. Everywhere we walked, staff in traditional Thai clothing smiled at us, placed their hands together, and bowed. We weren’t treated like royalty; we were treated more like deity!

Trader Vic's has the best breakfast buffet I've ever had!

The free breakfast buffet at one of the hotel’s restaurants, Trader Vic’s, was beyond comprehension. Every imaginable freshly suqeezed juice lined one of the tables. At least 20 kinds of freshly baked bread dotted another table. And one of the most amazing things we saw was a piece of honeycomb dropping honey into a bowl. Here’s some video that I shot of the amazing culinary experience (mobile users must visit site to see video):


Here’s another brief video that will give you a tour around the resort:


The nicest hot tub I've ever soaked in

View from the Chao Phraya River

One thing that I wish I had tried is the River Dinner Cruise. But we got to do the next best thing. Here’s a brief video I shot of the free river shuttle that the hotel provides to guests, to ferry them around the city:


Are you ready for the best news about this 5 star hotel? It is usually only around $100-$130 per night! That may be pricey for Thailand, but a hotel like this would cost you at least $600 per night in the US and at least $1,000 per night in Europe…actually, I don’t think Europe has anything that would compare with this resort.

Entertaining Benihana restaurant

In my “mavenism”, I think I’ve probably raved about this hotel more than anything else in my life. Any time someone asks me for advice on where they should travel, my first recommendation is: “Go to Thailand and stay at the Bangkok Marriott!” That should tell you something. Fly to Thailand and experience the lap of luxury for very reasonable prices!

What are some of your favorite hotels?

***Notice: all images in this post belong to the Marriott corporation.


  1. 1

    That looks incredible!!! Thanks for sharing! That will definitely be one of my future destinations!

  2. 2

    We have close friends who just returned from a Thailand vacation and they have been raving about it too. It’s on our bucket list…but it’s so far down the list, it may be awhile…unless I keep coming across people raving about it. 🙂

    Thanks for the great write-up/share.

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